Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning's Final Class

To be, or not to be... a White Lion of Chrace, THAT is the question

By Brock "Brokain" Ferguson

It has been discussed at length in just about every Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning forum, everywhere, what the final class of Warhammer online could be. However at this point, it's kind of like the Cloverfield movie. You know there's a giant monster, you know he's out there, you're just waiting for him to be revealed. Well, I like many of you have SEEN the signs my brothers and sisters, and I'm pretty sure that I know what lies in our future!

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Since I learned the scientific method in Biology class this semester,I'm going to lay down some facts to support my hypothesis in order to show what is almost certainly going to be the final Class in Warhammer Online. There are six steps to the scientific method. Let's look at them now shall we?

The First Step: Observation. We know that there are four archetypes for each race (Tank, Healer, Melee DPS, and Ranged DPS) and that 5 of the 6 races have all four slots filled. Only the High Elf class lacks all four, and the one missing is the Melee DPS class. Normally I would make a crack here about the High Elves missing a fifth class of tea sipping pansy, however, we all saw the Swordmaster video and I now fear a wave of these guys jumping me everytime I get in game.

The Second Step: Questioning. This one is simple.Based on the above observation, What is the final Warhammer Online class, the High Elf Melee DPS class? While this is very close to the "Ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything", it's still not exactly it. I tried to end the article here so I could get out and see the new Iron Man movie, but "42" didn't seem to work no matter how hard I tried to cram it in there.

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White Lions of Chrace from Games Workshop

The Third Step: Hypothesis. Knowing what we know about the lore of Warhammer and what has been described in articles released by EA Mythic, I hypothesize that the final High Elven class will not be the "Tea Sipping Pinky extending Poofs" as previously surmised (yeah, I couldn't help it. I can hear all you High Elf players out there writing my name down right now. "B-r-o-k-a-i-n. That's the name of my new personal PvP 'special friend'! ") but will actually be the White Lion of Chrace.

The Fourth Step: Prediction. Here we predict the outcome of the testing of my hypothesis. Assuming I'm right, I'll prove that the final class will be The White Lions of Chrace... if it doesn't work out that way then I want everyone to know that this was RadarX's idea and he sent his goons "Icepick" and "Guido" to "help" me write this article.

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The Fifth Step: Experiment or Pertinent Observations. Since putting my $70 Collector's Edition in a test tube and bring it to a boil over a bunsen burner is NOT happening, we'll have to rely on Pertinent Observations. Of those we have plenty though.

The first indication that we may be seeing the White Lions of Chrace as the Melee DPS class for the High Elves was in the Ulthuan Overview from EA Mythic. As you read about the different lands in Ulthuan, you come across this little gem.

"To the south of the Blighted Isle lies Chrace, where the land rises steeply to meet the pine-covered slopes of the Annulii Mountains. Here, the legendary White Lions of Chrace make their home. They are among the fiercest and most courageous warriors in all of Ulthuan, and will show no mercy to any Dark Elf invaders they meet on the field on battle."

The second glimpse that we may be seeing the White Lions of Chrace came in EA Mythic's Chrace Overview. As you read through the preview of this zone something very interesting pops up.

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White Lion picture from
Games Workshop

"For generations, the White Lions of Chrace have defended Ulthuan and the Phoenix Throne. Only the strongest and most skillful warriors and hunters of the kingdom earn membership in the White Lions. To prove his worth, each initiate must defeat in single combat one of the fierce creatures for whom the unit is named. Sometimes a bond forms between the lion and his master, and they accept one another as equals. For any who stand against these noble warriors of Chrace, it is a deadly combination."

Now this is interesting because it's long been know, based on an interview done last year around this time, that the Elves would be getting a pet class. With the above statements, one could conclude that EA Mythic had planned on releasing the White Lions of Chrace from the start. However, there's more! In a more recent look at the Public Quest Boss, Sildaen of Hoeth comes this little tidbit.

"Sildaen responded flatly as he proceeded to sift through the ornate bookcase. "No, everything is not in order, Variel," he answered. "Pride has blinded me." Taking grip of his choice tome and a rune-inlaid staff, he continued. "Alert the Phoenix King's Shining Guard, send word to the Shadow Warriors of the Blighted Isle, and call upon the White Lions of Chrace, then see that my steed is readied."

As one can see, the White Lions of Chrace are mentioned several times in the EA Mythic releases, the latest example being only two weeks old.

The Sixth Step: Conclusion. With even more examples available, I think we have proven using the scientific method that the White Lions of Chrace are on the horizon, just waiting to be unleashed... which of course would probably make a better DPS class than "Tea Sipping Pinky extending Poofs".

Although, you have to admit, getting a pinky in the eye is a devastating attack and of course, no one wants hot tea spilled on them. I mean, have you ever tried getting a tea stain out of your armor before? *looks out at all the High Elf players* I KID! I kid because I love!

...please don't camp my corpse after you kill me....

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016