In the Mountains, the
Mighty Mountains, the Dragons Sleep Tonight

Caledor is a land of tall mountains, greenery, and lots of caves. Why
caves? For the Dragons, of course. Duh! Warhammer Online: Age of
Reckoning recently introduced us to Caledor, home of the Dragon
Princes. In times of old these Dragon riders fioled many a Druchii
incursion attempt and always represented a major force in the
protection of Ulthuan. Those years are long gone however and the
Dragons sleep deep within the mountains now. This tier four zone has a
lot to offer from the looks of it from Dark Elf invasion forces and
mythical beasts to the Shrines of the Phoenix Kings, resting places of
the forefathers of the High Elven homeland. Even if you don't plan to
play an elf, you'll want to check out Caledor!

Long ago, the tall spires of Caledor were ablaze.
Fiery volcanoes
dominated the skyline, spewing great plumes of ash-grey smoke high into
the air. The skies of ancient Caledor were filled with mighty dragons,
and it is these magnificent and terrifying beasts that made Caledor the
powerful kingdom that it once was.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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