Here There Be Dragons!

As we come closer to the release of Warhammer Online:Age of Reckoning,
we've almost seen everything Ulthuan has to offer... except the
dragons. That's right, we said dragons. Dragonwake is the ancient
sleeping place of the Dragons of Ulthuan, feared beasts that were used
by the Dragon Princes of yore to defend their island against the
constant threat of attack by the Druchii. It's been many years since
the Dragons were awakend, but now the time has come again. Malekith has
laid siege to the Elven homeland and makes for the Isle of the Dead,
where in an effort to steal his way to the throne, he tried to usurp
the powerin the isle with disastrous results. Were that not enough, The
Witch King may have devised a way to bend the Dragons to his will.
Could he succeed? You'll have to research the latest Zone Overview from
EA Mythic, Dragonwake, to find out!

the enemy at their heels, the High Elf armies pour into Dragonwake and
race to the old temples and holy sites to rouse the slumbering titans
of the skies. The Dragons are among the High Elves' mightiest weapons,
and their wrath will surely be terrible when they behold the
treacherous armies of the Witch King burning and pillaging the lands of
Ulthuan. But the Dragons' slumber is deep indeed, and there is no
knowing whether they will ever take to the wing again.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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