One year ago today, Warhammer Online went live and the world of PvP hasn't been the same since. Mythic had been the granddaddy of Realm versus Realm combat for years, but even they had a few missteps along the way with Warhammer's release. Ten Ton Hammer recently had the chance to sit down with Producer, Josh Drescher, and what an interesting interview it was. In a unique twist in the interview world, Josh stepped up to the plate and didn't beat around the bush with any answer.

Whether you're a current player, one that has been gone from the game for a time, or someone that is hoping to hop into the frenetic, fast-paced, and brutal in-your-face combat that Warhammer revels in, you owe it to yourself to read this refreshingly straightforward, push-off-no-blame interview.

Ten Ton Hammer:
The experience and renown curve has varied since the launch of Warhammer Online in terms of open-world RvR, scenario RvR, PvE, etc. Are those kinds of adjustments still in the game, or were they just temporary until something settled out?

Those things are areas that we're always looking at in terms of internal metrics, trying to find areas where we feel like, particularly the experience leveling curve, either tapers off or it drags too much. The polite thing that you were tiptoeing around, and I'll just say it explicitly, Tier 3 dragged like crazy and was terrible.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016