The Spirit of Camaraderie

Everybody likes playing games with other folks. Even if you're running
around solo it's always more fun if you have someone to chat with in
the process. That's where Guilds come in. Guilds have been an important
part of at least every MMOG since EverQuest, if not before and
Warhammer Online will be no different. Even being a heavily influenced
PvP style game, EA Mythic is placing a lot of time and effort into
making guilds appealing to the average player. Last week, Ten Ton
Hammer's own Garret Fuller talked to Josh Dreshcer and Christian Bales
about what people can expect from guilds in WAR. What did he find out?
You'll have to read his article and see for yourself!

Guilds have become a major part of MMO game play.
Players have
organized guilds that now span across different games and game genres.
There are hardcore guilds who try to dominate game content as well as
casual guilds who enjoy having fun and exploring an MMO with much less
intensity. Warhammer Online is prepared to help both types of guilds in
their game. As MMOs grow more sophisticated we have learned what works
and what does not work for guilds.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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