Change? Painful
Transformations? They're Not Talking About Puberty, are They?

Are you the type of person that fears change? Do you dislike subjecting
your body to painful
transformations? Then Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning's
Marauder class is not for you. These warriors have received the gifts
of Tzeentch and are some of the most fierce supporters of the Raven
God. Gifted with Chaos energy, they morph their bodies into heinous and
grotesque weapons of war, making them some of the most savage fighters
the armies of Chaos have to offer. As if the psychological effect of
seeing your opponents arm transform into a demonic crab claw wasn't
enough, EA Mythic has provided even more ways Marauders can increase
their effectiveness out on the battlefield by giving them Marauder
Career Mastery Paths! Thanks EA Mythic. Thanks a lot.

The Marauder is Tzeentch's favored agent of
destruction, and has been
granted the simplest and purest gift that the Raven Lord can give:
change. The Marauder changes his very blood, bone, and body to reshape
himself into a perfect warrior, capable of wreaking havoc and mayhem
upon any foes who dare to cross him.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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