High Elves Under Seige

Ellyrion. The Dark Elves have their sites set on this little piece of property. Home of the finest steeds in the Elven nations and quite possibly the world, it's no wonder that it has one of the finest mounted armies as well. The Reavers act as scouts and messengers to the far corners of Ulthuan due to their mount's quickness. However, Malekith doesn't plan on just crushing this fighting force on his way through here. The city of Tor Elyr is under siege and there are also the many menhirs, which keep the magic of the vortex in check. If this weren't bad enough, the Greenskins have decided to join in on the party. With all this going on, can the High Elves hope to keep Ellyrion?

The menhirs are not the Dark Elves' only objective in Ellyrion. The black-hearted invaders have surrounded the province's capital city, Tor Elyr, cutting off its occupants from reinforcement and supply. Using batteries of Reaper bolt throwers, fearsome beasts of war and powerful Dark Magic, the black legions of Malekith have launched an all-out siege against the pristine marble walls of Tor Elyr.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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