Weekly Development Activities

July 5, 2006

Check out the latest updates to the "Weekly Development Activities."
The goal for this feature is to give solid expectations on what you can
expect to see in future updates.


These items are in QA and should be a part of the Twilight Forge
Module. Please note: this list is still a work in progress and should
not be viewed as final.


  • NEW – Xbox 360 controllers will be more
    responsive to player input. In particular players will now be able to
    run at full speed.

UI Improvements

  • NEW – You will be able to turn "loot
    spam" off if you want.
  • NEW – Players will be able to enter up
    to 256 characters into the chat bar before having to start a new line.
  • We are adding Guild Names! They will be visible under player
  • Party Member names will be distinguished from other player names
    by color.
  • The colors for names of party members, other players, npcs, and
    monsters will be able to be changed.
  • Displayed damage values for sneak attacks and critical hits will
    appear in a distinctive fashion.
  • Hostile
    monsters names will now appear in a configurable color (default red).
    Friendly or neutral monster's names will look like NPCs names rather
    than hostile monster's names.
  • “Accept Choice” is no longer
    mapped to the number pad enter key by default. Existing players will
    still have this mapped to the number pad enter key and will need to
    change the setting on their own if they wish to unmap it. "Accept
    Choice" is intended to be what you use to answer "yes" to dialogs in
    the game. This change will prevent players from accidentally releasing
    from their body when they did not wish to.
  • When dragging items
    over the equipment slots in the UI, they will only highlight if the
    slot is compatible with the item. In addition, whenever you select an
    item, all of the compatible inventory slots will be highlighted.
  • The latency meter will be located in the main menu bar. Also, the
    latency meter will no longer want to be on top of everything (tooltips,
    for example).
  • Apostrophes and spaces will once again be allowed in player
    surnames and guild names.
  • The player biography panel will be adjusted to allow for more
    punctuation and printable character types.
  • The alive/incapacitated/dead state of members of your fellowship
    update properly even when your group members are far from you.
  • The tooltip for feats will display how many times you have
    acquired the feat if you have acquired it more then once.
  • The tooltip for "Sneak Attack" will display how much extra
    damage you cause when performing a sneak attack.
  • Correcting
    a text error with the tooltip for Greater Bane items that improperly
    states that Greater Bane is a +2 bonus instead of a +4 bonus.
  • Alerts for "Missing Spell Component" will now list what the
    missing component is.
  • The “/help alias” description of the /alias command is being
    updated to properly reflect /alias' capabilities.
  • There is now an option to ignore all guild invites.
  • Guild invites from squelched players will now be ignored.
  • The correct error message will now be displayed if your guild
    invite expires.
  • If
    you die from constitution damage you will no longer have an ability
    damage icon appear on your screen after you have resurrected.
  • In
    order to explain the death penalty more clearly, the Death Penalty
    tooltip will be changed to read "You are significantly below the
    minimum amount of experience points required for your level. Your
    maximum hit points and spell points have been reduced, and you suffer a
    penalty to your attack rolls, saves, skills, and caster level."
  • When
    you hover over the icon for items in your inventory, shops, chests, and
    reward UI, you will receive the examination information in a tooltip.
    This is in addition to the current method of examination (using the "z"
    key or the magnifying glass on the focus orb).
  • The effect
    descriptions will be displayed directly upon examination, you will no
    longer need to hover over the effect names to get the descriptions from
    a tooltip.
  • We are fixing a display issue where players who are
    wearing a +Con item or are under the effect of a +Con spell during
    level advancement see an incorrect increase to hit points.
  • The
    "Play this Character" button in character generation will be renamed to
    "Create this Character" to more accurately describe what the button
  • Pressing the "Default" button at the bottom of the
    options panel is incorrectly setting Engine Speed to "Very Low". It
    will be fixed to correctly set it to "Very High".
  • NEW – Ctrl-k will no longer bring up the
    UI diagnostic screen.


  • NEW – The dwarven racial save bonus
    against magic effects will work against bestow curse.
  • We are adding a new emote into the game! You will soon be able to
  • You will now be able to log out while incapacitated.
  • You will no longer be able to be both exhausted and fatigued;
    exhaustion will remove and block fatigue.
  • The upper limit of 40 on skills will be removed.
  • We
    are changing the way “Over Time” spells and effects work. The intervals
    will be closer together (i.e., 2 seconds instead of 6 seconds), but
    will do less damage/benefit during each interval. There will be no
    change to the total amount of damage/benefit, this is purely a change
    to how the damage/benefit is spread out over time. This change also
    applies to the way lava does damage over time.
  • Owing to their construct nature, Warforged will find that they
    are able to hold their breath under water significantly longer
    than they could before.
  • Human males are being given a more “manly” run.
  • You can no longer hear the sounds of dead party members running
    along with you.


  • NEW – Repeating crossbow users rejoice,
    the machinegun issue will soon be gone.
  • NEW
    – The "no dice shown when attacking a fire reaver" bug should be fixed;
    it caused an intermittent problem (with all monsters, but particularly
    noticeable with fire reavers and ice flensers) where you would make a
    melee swing, and see no dice, combat chat, or damage.
  • All enemy
    trip and knockdown attacks (including Grease) will give the player a
    reflex save attempt every 2 seconds for the duration of the knockdown. This
    mechanic is most likely changing again in the future.
  • Ranger's favored enemy bonus will now apply a +2 to the bluff
    skill against favored enemies.
  • All races will be able to cause damage when they attempt to
    attack while sneaking with a shield.
  • The display for your party member's HP/SP bars will refresh more
  • We
    are fixing a display issue where the damage over time component of
    Slicing Blow isn't displaying properly (please note: the DOT is
    occurring properly, it just isn't displaying properly.).
  • We are
    fixing a display error that sometimes causes the damage numbers over
    your target's head to be incorrect when a sneak attack is performed
    while the precision attack feat is active.


  • Warforged with Improved Fortification will no longer be healed,
    even if they have taken the "Healer's Friend" enhancement.


  • NEW – We are fixing a bug that causes
    some bracers to be created without their intended effects.
  • NEW – Light Hammers will get the
    benefits of Weapon Finesse Feat.
  • NEW – Potions of Remove Fear will now
    actually remove fear effects. The potion retains its bonus to saving
    throws vs Fear.
  • Common collectables will have their stack sizes increased to 99.
  • Wizards
    and Sorcerers will have a greater chance to receive Damage
    Amplification modified weapons as part of NPC-based quest rewards.
  • Scrolls for Death Ward and Ball Lightning will be added to the
  • Outsider-Chaotic, Outsider-Lawful, and Outsider-Evil Bane effects
    will function correctly on the appropriate monsters.
  • We are adding Immunity special effects to treasure effects (for
    example, Proof against Poison).
  • The
    Kundarak Warding Shield's minimum level requirement will be changed
    from level 2 to level 10 for shields looted after this change goes live.
  • Any wand offered as a quest reward will now be fully charged.
  • We
    have fixed a display error in the description text for mithril armor
    where the text stated that mithril armor was a medium armor instead of
    a light armor. This was a text error only and will not change


  • NEW
    – Icestorm will no longer hit people for extra damage (you will be hit
    once for cold damage and once for bludgeon damage, but previously you
    were being hit twice by both.)
  • NEW – Melf's acid arrow will not invoke
    spell resistance.
  • NEW – Shout will no longer have deafen
    as one of its effects.
  • Jump spell bonus will increase to 20 at 5th level and 30 at 9th
  • The
    Phantasmal Killer spell will include a will save to disbelieve and
    completely negate the effects (this will bring it in line with the
    Player's Handbook 3.5 rules).
  • We are fixing a problem where the Flame Arrow spell can fail
    based upon your spell resistance.
  • We are fixing a problem where holy smite is not properly stunning
    evil creatures.
  • Lightning bolt and flaming sphere would periodically hit targets
    more than once. This issue will be fixed.
  • The Divine power spell is being fixed to properly apply the
    correct amount of temporary hit points to its target.
  • We
    are fixing the Bard song “Inspire Greatness” and the spell “Greater
    Heroism” so that their greatness effects will no longer prematurely end
    when the bonus temporary hit points are used up.
  • Melf's Acid Arrow is having its look and effects changed so that
    it appears bigger and brighter.
  • We
    are fixing an issue where if you've been hit by multiple blindness
    spells, all of the spells would end as soon as the first spell expired.
    Now your full sight won't be restored until the final blindness effect
    has ended.
  • The "doom" spell will now properly give you a -2 to your attack
    rolls (as per D&D rules).
  • Having the benefit "Improved Heightening" will no longer give a
    discount to spells that are already maximum level.
  • The poison spell will now show immunity effects if cast on an
    immune target.
  • When you resist a spell due to an item of spell resistance, it
    will now send feedback to the combat chat tab.


  • NEW – Skeleton Arcii will be slightly
    easier to turn.
  • NEW - Monster Drow will no longer be
    caught sleeping, as elves do not sleep.
  • NEW - We are fixing a problem with the
    animation for tripped/knocked down monsters. This is an animation issue
  • We
    are adjusting several monsters' vulnerability to light. Ghouls, wights,
    skeletons and slimes will no longer take extra damage from light. On
    the other hand, Vampires will be more vulnerable to light.
  • The
    Beholder's Scorching Ray eyebeam will function properly. Beholders will
    also no longer be able to shoot through walls. Dead beholders will no
    longer emit antimagic fields. Vorpal weapons will no longer effect
  • The alchemist fire thrown by kobolds will have a reflex save for
    half damage instead of having the regular to-hit roll.
  • We are making some adjustments to Fleshrender, Ice Flenser, and
    Fire Reaver AI's.
  • Storm Giant's arrows will no longer disappear before being fired,
    and will also now fire from their bow.
  • The Guardian of the Seal of Shan-to-Kor will now be less likely
    to walk on top of people (float) during combat.
  • Xorian skeletons will no longer be immune to fire.
  • Casting “Blind” on Velah the Dragon will have no effect.
  • When a wraith kills something that is already undead, it will
    not spawn a new wraith.
  • Icestorm will have the proper visual effects when cast by
    troglodytes, kobolds, and hobgoblins.
  • We
    are fixing a bug that is incorrectly inflating trolls' vulnerability to
    poison. In conjunction with this fix, we are also raising the strength
    and damage capabilities of trolls and ogres on the “hard” and “elite”
  • NEW - Monsters will no longer look like
    they are "moonwalking."


  • NEW
    - The Brothers and Sisters of the Silver Flame stationed in Taverns to
    resurrect fallen heroes will also cast several curative spells for a
    small donation to the Church. The spells available are Remove Curse,
    Remove Disease, Remove Blindness (if you can find your way to the
    tavern), Restoration and Heal. Those the Church of the Silver Flame
    feel are Reclaimed will be given a significant discount.
  • Henda Boulderbreaker will actually pay you if you win your
    gambling game.
  • All vendors in House Jorasco once again give price discounts for
    finishing the Delera's Tomb storyquest.
  • Many
    dungeon-based NPCs will only converse with one player at a time. This
    will alleviate a number of quest NPCs who might toggle a door or item
    twice in succession due to multiple conversations taking place
  • Any open conversations with an NPC will be closed when a player
    recalls out, to ensure player and NPC don't get locked.


  • Party
    members will not be able to leave their party while in a dungeon. If
    you wish to leave your party you will first have to recall to a public
  • Attempting to abandon a story arc quest will alert the
    player that they will be abandoning multiple quests (and will list
    these quests).
  • NEW - Bonebite Hideout
    • The ogre's kobold friends will always arrive to help defend
  • Caverns of Korramar
    • NEW
      - The Ability scores DCs required to complete certain objectives in
      Caverns of Korromar are being removed. Characters of all classes will
      be able to complete the main objective.
    • A chest will have its loot table adjusted upwards.
  • NEW - Delera's Tomb
    • The Skeleton Arcii located near the omaren pugilist will no
      longer respawn.
  • NEW - Gambler's Den
    • The boss will not be able to respawn.
  • NEW - Ruins of Threnal
    • A
      particularly nasty colony of glass spider queens is moving in to the
      South Threnal caves and, in the process, will chase away many of the
      slimes that are residing there.
    • The beholder objective will be clarified to indicate the
      beholder in the caves.
    • The
      objectives for "acquiring the silver and jeweled keys" will be changed
      to "opening the doors" requiring those keys. Each door will have a
      lockpick skill set on it. A party with a talented rogue may advance by
      picking those doors, a party without may advance by finding the keys.
  • Sharpwood's Warehouse
    • You will have to complete all objectives in order to finish
      the quest.
  • Sorrowdusk Island
    • NEW - Hragg will have a quest
      chalice above his head when appropriate.
    • NEW - The hellhound encounter will
      no longer respawn.
    • NEW - The Cultist encounter will no
      longer respawn.
    • Fane of the Six
      • Sear will no longer respawn.
    • Grey Moons Den
      • Hammerfist will no longer count towards the kill trolls
  • Stormcleave Outpost
    • Killing 50 minions is now a required objective
  • Tear of Dhakaan
    • The Warmage will always spawn.
    • Karnat Thaar will have the appropriate quest chalices over
      his head.
  • NEW - Tempest Spine
    • An optional quest is being adjusted so that the chest will
      only appear once you have killed the mini-boss.
  • NEW - Temple of Vol
    • We are improving the graphics performance for this dungeon.
  • Three-Barrel Cove
    • Fixed a bug where both Red Tom and Rosie the Jinx weren't
      giving players the option to repeat their quests.
  • NEW – Xorian Cipher
    • An optional quest rune will be moved for consistencies sake.
      This will not change the difficulty or nature of the quest.

Under Development

These items are currently in development and are scheduled for after
the Twilight Forge Module.

To come.
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