I Now Pronounce You Super
Hero and Super Heroine

This Valentine's Day, City of Heroes players were invited to witness
the in-game marriage of Sean and Jen Dornan-Fish, known in-game as
Manticore and Sister Psyche. Though Lead Designer Matt "Positron"
Miller presided over the event, you know villain kingpin Lord Arachnos
wouldn't let things go smoothly.Learn about the background of the bride
and groom, the details of the wedding ceremony, and what went down when
Arachnos arrived in this article.

At the appointed time, invited Heroes arrived in
Atlas Park to search
out the usher who, if you were lucky enough to make the guest list,
would teleport you to the ceremonial grounds at Ouroboros Citadel – a
gorgeous and fitting location replete with gold and marble. In the
game, the Citadel serves as a base for the mysterious Menders of
Ouroboros who, with the free expansion called Issue 11, allowed City of
Heroes players to venture backwards in time to relive major events in
Paragon City's history. The time-tinkering element of the zone provides
a handy excuse for the wedding to occur numerous times on Valentine's
Day (the event could only accommodate about a hundred heroes at a time,
necessitating a score of services over a three hour period) and, as one
wedding-goer quipped, the opportunity to undo things should the
marriage prove an unhappy one.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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