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Welcome back for another edition of Weekend Gaming Deals Roundup, where we take a minor detour from our MMOG coverage to do all of the legwork to bring you some of the best digital game deals available for cheap this weekend. If you're looking for a cheap way to pad out your gaming collection, keep on reading.


Since this one is a bit time sensitive, we’ll start at Amazon this week. Today is the last day of the Mayhem sale. If you’ve followed this column for the last couple of weeks you’ll know that there are over 300 games available for a hefty discount along with bundle deals. It’s a pretty rich list with some good picks, so head over and check this one out for yourself before it’s over.

Humble Bundle

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TellTale's The Walking Dead is one of the finest crafted and emotionally engaging stories you'll ever experience in a game.

Browsing the Humble Bundle deals this week, you’ll find a pair of fun options available, both of which you can set your own price for and decide if it goes to donate charity or the developer. First up is the TellTale Bundle, which comes with an excellent assortment of games such as Back to the Future the Game, Sam & Max: Devil’s Playhouse, Poker Night at the Inventory, Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventure, Puzzle Agent 1 & 2, Hector: Badge of Carnage, and if you spend more than $4.20 you also get The Walking Dead. This bundle is worth the price of admission for The Walking Dead game alone.

The second option is a Humble Indie Bundle deal, which includes Awesomenauts, Thomas Was Alone, Little Inferno, Capsized, Dear Esther, and if you spend more than $5.64 you also get Hotline Miami and Proteus.

As is the case with all Humble Bundle deals, you can set where your cash goes via the handy little sliders at the bottom of the page. Give more to the dev, more to the charities, or divide it evenly. It's your choice.

Get Games

Shifting gears over to Get Games this weekend, there are once again a number of fun options on both the newer and older spectrum of games with discounts for games such as Defiance ($29.99) and its Digital Deluxe version ($49.99), Company of Heroes 2 ($46.79 and its Digital Collector’s Edition ($77.99), Rising Storm ($17.99), The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief ($19.99), and a number of others.

In addition to the above, Get Games’ other site, Get Loaded, is also hosting a hefty sale this weekend that provides a few options. First, you can buy X-Com: Enemy Unknown and Borderlands 2 for $30. Option 2 provides a 2 games for $10 deal with such games on the list as Darkness II, Spec Ops: The Line, Mafia II, Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition, Bioshock, Bioshock 2, Civilizations V as well as its Gods & Kings expansion, Duke Nukem Forever, and Civilization IV Complete Edition. The last deal on the table is that you can just buy all of that for $48.

Green Man Gaming

Taking a tour of Green Man Games this weekend reveals a little something for shooter fans with Sniper 2: Ghost Warrior ($14.99) and its Siberian Strike DLC ($4.99), a number of games from the Battlestrike and Code of Honor series for under $3.00 each, Sacred Citadel ($7.49), the RPG Borderzone ($2.49), Battle Mages: Sign of Darkness ($2.48), and several others.

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Square Enix games are on sale this weekend, including the Tomb Raider reboot.

In addition, if you decide to make a purchase, be sure to enter the following code at checkout for a 20% discount on select games: GMG20-JLKSA-7A8HA.

GameStop Impulse

Making our way over to GameStop’s Impulse service, there appears to be a Square Enix weekend. On the sale list you’ll find the Sleeping Dog’s Bundle ($27.49), Kane & Lynch 2: Dog’s Day Bundle ($11.99), Just Cause Bundle ($10.99), Hitman: Absolution ($14.99) and the Professional Edition ($19.99), Tomb Raider ($29.99), Thief Gold ($4.99), Deus Ex: Human Revolution (7.49), and more. Suffice to say, there are plenty of Square Enix published titles to choose from.

Good Old Games

For a blast from the past we head over to GoG this week for a selection of adventure games on sale from the Activision library. Available for prices tagged at the two price points of $2.99 and $4.99 you’ll find titles from the Gabriel Knight series, King’s Quest 1-8, Police Quest 1-4, Phantasmagoria 1 & 2, Betrayal at Krondor, the Zork Anthology, and more. In total there are 32 games available and they come at the bundle price of $121.68.


Over at GamersGate this week is several titles from the Tropico series as well as some old favorites like Baldur’s Gate: The Original Saga (2.49), Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition ($9.98) and Baldur’s Gate II: The Collection ($2.49). Additionally a number of adventure titles, point & click adventures, Dracula-based games, and the Still Life series are also available. None of these are too expensive and most are available for under $10 with some less than $5, so give the list a look if you enjoy games of that genre.


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New Dante just doesn't have the cool flare of old Dante.

At GameFly this weekend is a relatively short list, but still some discounted and well worth a mention. This includes Fallout: New Vegas ($3.99), one of the bigger discounts thus far for Irrational Games' Bioshock: Infinite ($34.99), Dungeonland ($4.99), and a few others. You can even get Aliens: Colonial Marines ($16.99) if you're a serious glutton for punishment.


We bring our little trip to an end over at Steam this week, where a number of good deals are on the table. If you missed out on the Alan Wake Humble Bundle deal last week, you can pick up the entire Alan Wake collection at Steam this weekend for the extra low price of $4.00. If you like horror-themed games and haven’t tried it yet, that price is well worth it.

Also up for sale this weekend is DMC Devil May Cry ($29.99), The Swapper ($11.24), Serious Sam Complete Pack ($23.74) or individual games for varying discount amounts, Tower Wars ($4,79), Dust: An Elysian Tale ($13.49), and a few others along with discounted pre-orders for Shadowrun Returns ($17.99), DARK ($33.99), Gunpoint ($8.99), and Prime World: Defenders ($11.99).

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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