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It’s Friday and that means for many people a little downtime is about to begin. Unless your boss is grilling you to come in and finish those TPS reports, but I digress.

We at Ten Ton Hammer love our games and we know that you do too, so join us for a brief deviation from our usual MMOG related coverage to explore the vast world of the Internet to help find you some of the cheapest digital gaming deals available this weekend. You have to have something to play in that downtime.

Humble Bundle

Let’s start our trip over at the Humble Bundle this week where you can find a collection of some of Deep Silver’s finest on the block. The new bundle offers Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row 2, Risen 2: Dark Waters, and Sacred 2 Gold. If you opt to pay more than $5.18 you’ll also get a few other gems such as Metro 2033, Dead Island, Saints Row The Third – The Full Package, Sacred Citadel, and Risen. Pay $25 or more and you'll also get a copy of Dead Island: Riptide. Several of the games also include their respective soundtracks.

In the Humble Weekly sale you’ll find an offering from Introversion Software that includes Uplink, Darwinia, Multiwinia, Defcon, and source code for each. Pay $19.99 or more for the bundle and you’ll also get a copy of Prison Architect.

As always, you can set your own price for the Humble Bundle and decide how much goes to the developer or the benefitting charities by way of the handy sliders at checkout.

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Indie Royale Bundle

For a little Indie fun this week, the Indie Royale Bundle offers up a selection of five games dubbed the Starry Nights Bundle. The current minimum price for the bundle is $5.30 and includes Sword of the Stars 2: The Pit, Bientôt l'été (Tale of Tales), Tower Wars, Sentinel, and QRTH-PHYL.

Bundle Stars

Bundle Stars serves up another selection of specific themed bundles week that includes:

  • Horror Fest: A three game horror-themed bundle that includes Vigil: Blood Bitterness, Scratches, and Avencast: Rise of the Mage for $1.03.
  • Wheels of Steel: A bundle of three vehicular action games that include Wasteland Angel, Crash Time 2, and Tank Universal for $1.03.
  • Masters of Strategy: A five game strategy bundle made up of Tropico 3 Steam Special Edition, Earth 2160, Patrician IV – Steam Special Edition, Jagged Alliance 2 – Wildfire, and Restaurant Empire 2 for $3.03.
  • Gorefest Bundle: The name is rather descriptive and the bundle is made up of Alien Shooter, Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded, and Alien Shooter 2: Conscription for just $1.03.
  • Outlaws Bundle: The Outlaws Bundle comes in as the cheapest on the list priced at just $.99 and includes Post Apocalyptic Mayhem, Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood, Pacific Storm, and the RIP Trilogy.
  • Superfly Indie Bundle: This bundle comes with 10 games priced at $5.06 that includes Disciples, Galaxy on Fire 2, Afterfall Insanity, Air Conflict: Pacific Carriers, Dungeons: The Dark Lord, Zeno Clash, The Journey Down, Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise, and Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space.
  • Pure Indie Bundle: A Bundle made up of 10 Indie games for $4.07. The bundle includes Shattered Haven, Lunar Pack (Wake & Lunnye Devitsy), Power of Defense, Data Jammers: Fast Forward, Brainpipe: A Plunge to Inhumanity, Gumboy Crazy Adventures, Tidalis, Iron Grip: Marauders (in-game credit), Gravi, and Vitrium.

Bundle Stars also has two previous Indie Jam bundles both available for $4.97.

Green Man Gaming

A growing favorite of mine, Green Man Gaming, has another selection of fun games available for cheap this weekend along with a discount code that can knock off another 20% on some titles. Just a few things available in this weekend’s sale include the Sleeping Dogs Bundle Pack ($16.23), Condemned: Criminal Origins ($3.74), the Kane & Lynch Pack ($4.24), and a multitude of others.

Green Man is also holding its Rockstar August sale, which contains many of the titles from the Rockstar Games library such as the Max Payne Bundle ($17.99), Grand Theft Auto IV ($7.99), and many others, including bundle offers.

Be sure to enter this code at checkout for an additional 20% off of select games: GMG20-4B9NY-L4FEN


Team 17 and Kalypso play mix and match for this weekend’s offering from Good Old Games. The sale bundle this weekend provides 18 games for $63.82 and includes several games from the WORM & Tropico series, Omerta: City of Gangsters, Cultures 1 & 2, and many more.


GameFly goes big on Square Enix this weekend with options that include Lara Croft and the Guardians of Light ($3.99), Just Cause ($2.79), the Tomb Raider reboot ($12.49) as well as the Survivor’s Edition ($22.99), Deus Ex: Human Revolution ($9.99), the Hitman Collection ($8.99), and more.

Be sure to add the following code at checkout for an additional 20% of some games: GFDAUG20

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Get Games

If you like Assassin Creed games, this weekend is probably a good time for you to pay a visit to Get games. Pretty much every game for the series is on sale this weekend for 33%-75% off. Just a few games on the list are Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood ($7.49), Assassin’s Creed II Deluxe Edition ($4.99), Assassin’s Creed III ($23.44) and the Deluxe Edition ($42.78).

Along with the Get Games deals, its partner site Get Loaded also posted a new set of “buy two” deals this week for Train sim fans. The sale is up for the next 2 days, so head over and check them out before they end.

Shiny Loot

It’s Point and Click Week over at Shiny Loot, so if you’re looking for a few pointy and clicky adventures to fill your game library with this is probably the place to find them. What games you ask? Just a few up for grabs this weekend include Castle Dracula ($2.50), Alter Ego ($3.50), Oknytt ($5.00), The Book of Unwritten Tales ($9.99) and its Digital Deluxe Edition ($12.50). There are several others, so head over and give them a look.

Gamers Gate

There’s some fun stuff on the sale table over at Gamers Gate this weekend, a number of which are Indie titles. Just a few of the games available to whet your appetite for the list includes Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package ($7.50), Stronghold 3 Gold ($7.49), Saints Row 2 ($3.74), Hamilton’s Great Adventure ($2.99), Shadowgrounds ($2.49), Daemonica ($3.74), Trapped Dead ($3.38), and nearly two hundred others.


Rounding out our trip this week we end up at Steam. You know this was going to go there eventually. Available this weekend you’ll find Guns of Icarus Online ($6.79) for those of you itching to try out a little airship combat PvP, Inquisitor ($8.99), Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition ($3.40), Supreme Commander 2 ($4.41), and a few other choice options. Your Steam Daily Deal for today is The Swapper ($7.49).

As always, let us know if you found this useful and be sure to share it with your friends. They need good games too.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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