Keeping up with the Official Forums can be cumbersome and who really has time to troll through hundreds of dramatic posts for that one nugget of information you occasionally find? I do! Join us as Ten Ton Hammer examines all the important threads this week and keeps you up to date.

Warleaders nerfed... why?

This discussion centered on some changes made to the Warleader creep class. The skills it seems as stated by Scenario in this thread were originally intended to be fellowship skills and this long standing bug has now been changed, but at times the discussion can become a bit heated and you may have to look past a bit of flame talk, but overall it’s a nice discussion that you can add your input to.

Fear nerfed "

This thread generated a lot of discussion. It was based around a coming change to the Fear skill currently used by Hunters and Minstrels. While some people are screaming nerf others see it as a change that will inspire more strategic thinking and timing for combat. Zombie Columbus even popped in to join the discussion and has posted several times.

Suggestion for future stratics chats..

This thread was formed after the last Statics developer chat this past Monday. The idea was to offer up some suggestions on what might improve the quality of the chat. There were a few good ideas and Scenario even chimed in to join the discussion.

House of commons October 8th 2007

This thread was all about the Stratics House of Commons developer chat this past Monday. This is a pretty decent thread, but it does become heated at times and you may have to overlook some of that. Overall, it is a good thread for discussion if you want to discuss the developer chat and the topics it covered.

Balrog screenshots

This discussion was a result of some new Balrog screenshots released by The discussion is pretty civil and centers around the coming of the Balrog to Lord of the Rings online.

Turbine Survey Invitation - is this legit?

A survey went out this week from Turbine, but a lot were concerned about it being from Turbine or another scam. Marketroid chimed in to confirm it was indeed from Turbine, but the discussion continues.

LOTRO update 290k subscriptions

This discussion was started by Aula who cited some data from stating Lord of the Rings Online had around 290k subscribers. The numbers are unconfirmed and while some view the number as bad even if it was confirmed (which it is not) 290k subscribers is very good for an MMOG as some point out. World of Warcraft is an exception being the biggest on the market, but most others don’t have quite as many, but 290k is by no means a failure.

ghost-towns and housing question

This discussion addressed some questions about the possibility of player housing neighborhoods possibly being empty due to their large size, but Scenario chimed in to address some of these issues and assure people it is being looked at.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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