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Keeping up with the Official Forums can be cumbersome and who really has time to troll through hundreds of dramatic posts for that one nugget of information you occasionally find? I do! Join us as Ten Ton Hammer examines all the important threads this week and keeps you up to date.


This new thread on reputation prompted a quick answer from Vastin who was nice enough to offer up a glimpse at some of the coming changes to the Reputation system and rewards for Book 12. If you have been grinding reputation faction like me, you will be happy to learn some of these change.

PPPPPP and other tidbits of information.

Orion started this thread to address a few issues. One in particular is the new Warband maneuvers in the Ettenmoors for the Creeps. Anyone that has been on the unfortunate receiving end of this maneuver knows how insanely powerful it is. Orion addressed this issue and is gathering feed back from players in this thread on a variety of topics. Head over and add yours, but please, be constructive. We have enough trolls in the Ettens without needing them on the forums too.

Orion, can we get a teaser on pvp freep rewards?

Another little thread relating to the workings of Middle-earth MPvP was started by Madbumper. It asks some good questions relating to some of the coming rewards being implemented with Book 12 for PvP gear on the Free Peoples side. Orion was nice enough to drop a few tidbits of information on the subject. Enough to make any Etten warrior drool in any case.

Is there no TRUE LOTR MOVIE music in LOTRO?

Ever wonder why none of the fine music from the Lord of the Rings movies is in our little world of middle-earth? You can get an answer in this thread. Several developers drop in to offer some insight in to the many pains of licensing and how you can't always have the cake and eat it too. Even without the movie music, the developers have still done a fine job of building a fantasy music score for our little world.

Sneak Peak - Book 12 Champions Revisited

Still hanging strong this week is Graalx2's thread on the Champion changes for Book 12. Graalx2 is still lurking about in this thread teasing Champions with morsels of info. If you are a Champion try your luck. You just might get an answer.

Turbine Engine - future plans

This is a pretty good thread that discussed the changes to the game engine and the DX clients for LOTRO. Some people say performance has decreased a bit, but others, like me, have seen an increase in performance and graphical quality. Add your thoughts to this thread as we all have different systems and the feedback might help the developers fix any issues with varying systems.

This Dev needs a RAISE!!

Developers seldom get enough credit for creative thinking. Often times they are shouted down by people for doing something wrong, a bug, or some change someone didn't agree with. It was rather refreshing to see this thread giving props to the developer that added a new mechanic to our little world. There is some pretty decent discussion in this thread, but it also gives the developers a well deserved pat on the back.

A new feature I will be adding to the Troll Report will be one Kinship thread a week. Maybe this will aid them in recruitment a bit.

Band of Hope

The Band of Hope is a family friendly mostly christian gamer guild residing on Landroval server. If this sounds like a Kinship you might be interested in, head on over and check them out.

If you have a question for the developers of Lord of the Rings Online. Be sure to submit your questions to our Ask the Dev's section of our forums. Just read these simple Guidelines and start posting.


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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