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Keeping up with the Official Forums can be cumbersome and who really has time to troll through hundreds of dramatic posts for that one nugget of information you occasionally find? I do! Join us as Ten Ton Hammer examines all the important threads this week and keeps you up to date.

Danger Dan...

This thread involves a pretty pationate discussion on the Burglar class. Some good points and discussion reside i this thread even without DangerDan making an appearance just yet. Be warned though. This thread does get a little heated at times, but if you are of the Burglar class, you just might enjoy it.

Hey turbine try improving your ticket system

Some people aren't to happy with the way the in-game ticket feature works. Thus this thread was born. This actually has a lot of issues surrounding the ticket system some may not be aware of and some discussion by some of the developers as they look into the matter. If you have had some similar issues, this thread might be a good place for you to check and see if your issues have already been addressed.

2 Hobbit Films

The ball is now rolling as the deal for the Hobbit movies has announced Peter Jackson taking lead as Executive Produucer and if he can't find a suitable director to do that himself. Time will tell as things move on, but this thread is full of Hobbity discussion of both happy and not so happy Hobbit fans.

Santa comes to Bree, what did you get?

This thread shows what a nice community we have in Middle-earth. A recent player event held on Gladden server by The Order of the Silver Hand gave away over 1000 items to the residents and travelers to Bree. A fine gesture to say the least and an excellent community move on their behalf. It was mentioned that those who attempted to enter the line where items were being distributed a second time received a nice lump of coal.

Yule Tree

The Yule Tree event is one of the holiday festivities offered to the players of Lord of the Rings Online. This short quest will run until January 3rd and provide players with a chance to earn a Yule Tree for their yard to display for the holiday. This discussion talks a bit about the quest and what needs to be done to get it and offers a few thanks to Turbine for providing it. You can also read the TenTon Hammer The Yule-Tide Tree Guide for a complete walk-through.

Holiday Screen Shot Date

If you reside on Landroval server you may want to make an appearance the 23rd of December at 10pm est (Location TBD, but looking like somewhere in the Ettenmoore.) for a special holiday screenshot.

The Order of the Silver Hand

This weeks kinship highlight goes to The Order of the Silver Hand who earned this spot with their Santa Comes to Bree event. This Kinship resides on Gladden server and is established mature, role-play friendly, no drama kinship. You can view their official forum thread or visit their site Here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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