Lord of The Rings Online Weekly
Troll Report 5/30

By Darkgolem

This week the troll report is atypical, to say the least.  Very
little flaming or trolling, and a lot of thoughtful content and
opinion.  Discussions seemed on the forums to be long term in
basis, such as what is going to happen with the Mines of Moria, where
LOTRO will go, and so on.  A great little detail about the hobbit
movie can be found too!

rid of the little things:

"I can see some of you going for our torches and pitch forks already.
Put ‘em away this isn’t that sort of thread.

I’m a big MMO fan. I’m a big Tolkien fan. Put the two together and it’s
pretty inevitable that I’d be pretty hooked on LOTRO.

Even so, there are a few things that really get to me from time to
time. Little things mostly and I’m sure that I’m not the only one. So
this is an effort to compile a list of the “little things” that effect
every player. Please.."

the War of the Ring.

"This thought came out of commenting in the official discussion thread
about Archet, and I'm posting an expanded thought here.

Archet hints at a future issue for the game, when the war of the ring
is over and the fellowship is heading back towards their homes. The
scouring of the Shire, rise of Sharkey, these things have to be
happening in areas that presently are tame.

The solution might be to make middle-earth after..."

Future of LoTRO

"What does the future hold for LoTRO?

Will this game get challenging content like some other games offer?

Will characters and classes get depth like skill trees and other such
means to make characters more unique vs another person of the same

Will we see mechanics like weapon DPS get more in-depth and meaningful?
For instance, having a weapon with 37.3 DPS do a decent amount more
then a weapon with 36.9 DPS...

Will we see a significant difference between critical crafted gear and
end-game raid gear?

I am moreless a hard-core player at heart and for me this game has..."


"A lot of you people are way more knowledgeable about LOTR than I am so
maybe you can answer this question.

Where are the Endless Stairs?

I remember Gandalf telling Aragorn he went with the Balrog all the way
to the bottom and went up the Endless Stairs.

Are they part of Moria?..."


"Ok was just looking through my deed log and noticed that under the
Shadows of Angmar-Part II a new Book had appeared. I had been under the
impression that Book 14 was to be the end of the Shadows of Angmar
storyline. When was Book 15 announced?..."

Christopher Tolkien, son of J.R.R.T, is in court to stop the hobbit


Dang, as greatful as I am to Christopher, I really hope that they can
negotiate and come to a fair conclusion.

I'm sure he has enough money, but New Line undoubtedly does as well. I
really really want to back him, but I still hope that the hobbit movie
goes through and gets made...."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016