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YAY for Turbine

With Gold seller spam continuing to pester patrons, Turbine made a new mechanic to make reporting spam quicker and easier. Some people agree it’s a good first step, while others see it as more of the same. Head over and share your opinion on the new spam report feature.

Question about new 'Spam' help category "

Have a question about the new spam report feature? You can probably find an answer here and if not you can ask and probably get one. You can also find a fair amount of discussion about if this is helping the problem or not.

One gold spam thread to rule them all

Due to the heavy discussion on gold spam and the countless number of threads that have been started to discuss the issue, Patience the LOTRO Community manager, started this thread to allow players to discuss gold spam and the like. Most other gold spam threads are being locked and all discussions are being directed to this thread. Be warned, this is a touchy topic and it can get a bit heated in the discussion.

A question of sincerity and mockery

Caelven started this thread to comment on some iof the design looks of certain items. The original post is pretty detailed in opinion and even provides a touch of comedic taste. Aside from a few troll like post this was a pretty good discussion with some valid points.

Minstrels are tanks?

Minstrel’s were the subject of discussion in this thread. There were many debates between whether the Minstrel was to overpowered or not. For the most part it’s a pretty civil discussion with some good debating points.

Housing idea: no rent, no taxes...

This discussion was started by Speaksoftly and introduced some new ideas on how to approach the cost of housing. Some were creative, but the discussion on whether this is a good way to go or not rages on. Head over and add your thoughts to this subject. We know the developers are listening and any opinion might sway there decision be it ever so slightly.

Things that make you go AHHHHH!

This thread will fill up quick. Rocco81b started this discussion to get players to share their stories on those things that other players do that annoys them such as leaving the group as soon as they have what they needed for a quest without so much as a see ya, or joining and never talking in group chat or even acknowledging other players, or maybe those blind kinship invites you get without so much as a tell. Head over and share yours its already growing to be a fair sized list.

Housing Cost

This thread brought up some good points on housing cost and how they have and might be done. While there is no solid information on the cost of player housing, there is a pretty good discussion on the topic.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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