Q:  Why don't you have information about quest XYZ?
A:  No one has uploaded it yet. Our database grows as people run our AddOn and upload their data.

Q:  Your database says quest XYZ is obtained at level 28, but my buddy got it at 25. What's wrong?
A:  World of Warcraft doesn't let us directly collect the lowest level at which a quest can be obtained. We keep up with the lowest obtained level that anyone has uploaded. As more people gather and upload data, the data becomes more accurate. Min and Max XP Gained and Zone/Subzone information works in much the same way.


Q:  Where can I get the software?

Q:  What exactly am I installing?
A:  Two things:  the TenTonHammer World of Warcraft AddOn and the TenTonHammer World of Warcraft Uploader.  You also have the option to install the Chronos library, in case you don't already have it.  See the "General" section for details on what each of these does.

Q:  Why does the software want to install under my World of Warcraft installation?
A:  AddOns for World of Warcraft must live in your "World of Warcraft\Inteface\AddOns" folder.  That's how Blizzard designed it.  We install the Uploader into your "World of Warcraft\Inteface" folder because that's a safe and convenient spot from which it can find the data to upload.

Q:  What will the installer do to my computer?
A:  Very little.  If the "Interface" or "AddOns" folders don't exist, we'll create them.  We'll put all files for the Uploader into the "Interface" folder and all files for the AddOn into a "TenTonHammer" folder under "AddOns".  If you choose to install the Chronos library, we'll install that under "AddOns" as well.  We'll also put an icon on your Desktop and some shortcuts under your Start Menu.  Finally, we'll put a "Uninstall" entry in your Control Panel's "Add Or Remove Programs" list in case you decide to uninstall.  That's it.  We don't install or change any system DLLs.

Q:  What about adware or spyware?
A:  We don't install spyware or adware.  We have ads on our Web site (that's how we make money) but we don't have them within anything we install to your computer.

Q:  I play World of Warcraft on a Mac, is there a Mac version available or is there anyway I can still contribute?
A:  Sorry, but we do not have a Mac version of the Uploader, although the AddOn Will function just fine on a Mac. If you have a PC laying around the house in addition to your Mac you can use this guide to still upload data from your Mac using your PC: How to Run The TenTonHammer Database AddOn On a Mac.


Q:  I installed everything, but nothing seems to be happening when I run World of Warcraft.
A:  Did you install in the correct location?  If you have World of Warcraft installed to a non-standard location, you'll need to tell the installer where to find it. The TenTonHammer software must install to the "Interface" folder under your World of Warcraft installation.

Q:  I installed to the correct location, but still nothing is happening when I run World of Warcraft.
A:  Did you choose the option to install dependencies?  The TenTonHammer software requires Chronos to be installed.  If you chose not to install Chronos when you install the TenTonHammer software, you'll need to manually install it.  It is available from the UI Repository, among other places.

Q:  My dependencies are okay, but still nothing is happening when I run World of Warcraft.
A:  Click the "AddOns" button on the character selection screen and make sure TenTonHammer is checked.  If WoW has patched recently, you may need to either update to newer versions of your dependencies, or check the box to allow out-of-date AddOns.

Q:  Nothing is out-of-date and the TenTonHammer AddOn is checked, but but still nothing is happening when I run World of Warcraft.
A:  Make sure recording is on by typing the slash command:  "/tenton +record".  At character login, you should see a message in your chat area that the TenTonHammer AddOn has loaded, and recording is enabled.

Q:  I see the message that the TenTonHammer AddOn has loaded and recording is enabled, but still nothing is happening when I run World of Warcraft.
A:  Are you sure?  The AddOn doesn't do anything visible within the game.  Try closing World of Warcraft and running the Uploader via the TenTonHammer icon on your desktop.  Click the "Go" button and see if data uploads.  If so, everything is fine.

Q:  I did all that, but still nothing is happening when I run World of Warcraft, and there is no data to upload.
A:  Please use the Uploaders' "Contact Us" feature to report the problem.

Q:  The AddOn is spewing all sorts of data to my chat area.  How do I turn it off?
A:  You probably accidentally turned on diagnostic output.  Type the following slash command to disable it:  "/tenton -verbose".

Q:  Why do I have to enter my Nickname and Password?
A:  You don't.  Leave those fields blank to upload anonymously.  However, you won't get credit as "discoverer" for any new quest you upload this way.  Just be aware that if you don't include your information when you upload, it is not possible to list you as "discoverer" after-the-fact.

Q:  Do you collect any of my personal information?
A:  No.  Spying on our customers would be a really quick way to go out of business, and we like our jobs.  :-)   We  upload only data collected from within World of Warcraft, plus your Nickname and Password.  And we encrypt your password on-disk. In particular, we do not collect or transmit your World of Warcraft Account Name or Password.


Q:  What exactly is the "TenTonHammer World of Warcraft AddOn"?
A:  "AddOns" (also called UI Mods or Interfaces) are small programs that run within World of Warcraft.  (Thanks go to Blizzard for making this possible!)  Some do nifty in-game things, such as improve your Quest Log.  TenTonHammer's AddOn doesn't do much that is visible from within the game.  Instead, it gathers data for upload to the World of Warcraft Database.  By gathering and uploading your data, you help the entire World of Warcraft community.  Your data helps make the database as complete and accurate as possible.  Plus, you'll be credited as "discoverer" for any quests that are first uploaded by you.  (The "discoverer" name that will be listed is the account name you enter into the Uploader.)

Q:  What exactly is the "TenTonHammer World of Warcraft Uploader"?
A:  The Uploader is a piece of software written by TenTonHammer which is completely external to World of Warcraft.  You run the Uploader between World of Warcraft sessions to upload data collected by the AddOn to the Quest Database.  If you never run the Uploader, your data won't be uploaded and you won't be credited as "discoverer" on any quests.

Q:  Why the two-step process?  Why doesn't the AddOn do everything itself?
A:  To prevent cheating, Blizzard only allows AddOns to do certain things.  Uploading files is not one of those things.  In fact, AddOns can't even save data to files except at very specific times (such as when your character logs out).

Q:  Why don't you make the Uploader upload the data automatically?
A:  We could, but doing so would add load to your computer while you're playing World of Warcraft.  Although this would be a small difference, we know that many gamers work hard to optimize their computers for ideal performance.  We don't want to do anything to slow down your computer.  You don't have to upload data after every logout.  If you wait, data will continue to accumulate and you won't lose anything.  We recommend that you upload regularly so that your uploads are smaller (and therefore quicker) and so that you get credit for any discoveries you make.  But feel free to pick the schedule that's right for you.

Q:  What is Chronos, and why would I want it?
A:    Chronos is a library created by programmers who have no affiliation with  We appreciate them making it available to the World of Warcraft community.  The TenTonHammer AddOn uses Chronos for some internal tasks, and will not run unless Chronos is installed.  During installation, you have the option of installing Chronos.  If you don't yet have it, please install it.  If you're not sure, go ahead and install it to be safe.

Q:  I have a problem with Chronos, can you fix it?
A:  Sorry, no.  If you're having a problem with Chronos, the quickest solution would be to contact the Chronos developers directly.  Here's a link to more information about Chronos:

Q:  I love it! It makes me want to send you money! How can I do that?
A:  Buy a Premium Membership. Besides a warm feeling in your heart (or was that the leftover pizza you ate for breakfast?) you'll get lots of other fun stuff. Click the link to find out more.

Q:  Is there an email address at which I can contact you?
A:  The Uploader's "Contact Us" feature is the best way. But if you prefer email then [email protected] will do the trick. Feel free to send comments, suggestions, problem reports, or money. (grin)

Q:  I'm tired of reading this FAQ.  What should I do?
A:  Go play World of Warcraft!!!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016