Time to Swing the Nerfbat?

Anyone who has been in the arena combat system in World of Warcraft for
any length of time has seen the rise of the Druid take place. There
used to be a time when, if you needed a healer on an arena team you
were looking for a Paladin for their survivability. Then players
realized the power of a discipline based priest and their usefulness,
and they entered in force. However over this past season Druids have
been replacing almost every other healer in the arenas. Why, and are
they overpowered? If so should they be nerfed?

So what makes a Druid so great in arena combat? Well
for one, for some
reason every single one I have run into seems to be glued to the
tiniest piece of terrain in the arena and you can never get line of
sight on them. Ok, maybe this is just player ability and not really
anything to do with the class, but for some reason more than any other
class druids know how to use the terrain to the fullest. Very annoying.
On to the serious issues though...

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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