Having played a healer for many years in World of Warcraft, it is not surprising to have run into several people or occassions that have gotten on your bad side. A healer is a very important person in a group, being able to stay on their good side and ensure that you get heals is always a good thing. It also never hurts to have a healer on your friends list when you desperately need one for a group or even a raid. But what are the things that annoy a healer?

Let’s attempt to make things easier for the healing classes. Here I will list, to the best of my ability, things that truly peeve out healers.

1. The number one peeve that annoys any healer is being asked for heals. “Heel me PLZ” That’s the worst! Healers should know how to heal and when to heal. When someone is constantly asking in chat or in vent for heals from these healers, this can truly annoy them into not wanting to heal you at all because you are pretty much telling them that they are ignorant and don’t know when to heal.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016