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Nobody stepped up and sponsored this column. You could have had it for the week for a $1. That's arguably a good value. Next week is still up for grabs. Let the virtual stampede begin.

Lumio tripped and a comic fell out of his purse. You can view it here. True MMOG fans will print it out, blow it up, frame it and hang it on their wall under one of those little halogen museum lights. Truer MMOG fans will gaze upon their new art while listening to RadarX and Coyote's latest podcast, Game Over #9: Homeward Bound.

"RadarX: In Pirates of the Caribbean Online you can't shoot humans because it's against the Pirate's Code.

Coyote: No, it is not against the Pirate Code. As a resident pirate, I can tell you right now that its encouraged. In fact, you get merit badges for shooting people directly in the face."

Wonder of wonders, I replied to a comment in the blog about sci-fi being under represented in the MMOG industry. It started out by making the claim that fantasy games provide a shinier, happier virtual world in which to play than sci-fi games do. Fantasy games usually have player housing for instance and...

"EVE players don’t have homes. ;) It’s like 300,00 vagrants roaming sector to sector begging for nickels from asteroids so that they can buy a bigger cardboard box that will hold more nickels."

 I got some mail. I apologize to the EVE players that I dimwittedly offended, but I have yet to see anyone refute the resemblance between hobos and EVE players.

I applaud the CCP team for making homelessness so much fun!

I interview an EVE Hobo, more CES, RadarX and Coyote's new podcast, casual raids and more, after the jump.

Boomjack: What are you doing there Phil Comeau (EVE Player)?

Phil: Picking up rocks

Boomjack: Why are you picking up rocks?

Phil: (looking at me like I'm insane) Why to sell them.

Boomjack: You're selling rocks? Who would buy rocks?

Phil: (Agitated) Other EVE players. They like rocks.

Boomjack: Perhaps they all enjoy creating rock gardens?

Phil: Where would we put a rock garden?

Boomjack: Erm, in your yard?

Phil: Yard? We don't have homes! We’re like nomads traveling from region to region, consuming everything in our path. At least, that’s what RSF is doing. Everyone else is just trying to look small and not worthy of attention for when we finish off Band of Brothers… MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Boomjack: You sound like one of two things, locusts or hobos. Locusts can't pick up rocks and hobos make for better humour, so I'm going with that. Maybe Coyote will fire a few of you from his "Hobo Cannon" if you are lucky.

Cody and Jeff have been slugging through the locust hordes at CES to get you the Age of Conan exclusives that you so desperately desire. Not only did they get the goods on the game, but also on what will be in the collector's edition (with video).

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