like the fantasy genre’s prolific use of Orcs, Elves,
swords and boards, it’s become an industry norm nearly
overnight that sci-fi is synonymous with high-tech. Yet in other
creative mediums such as film and literature, the sci-fi genre is
almost limitless in scope, encompassing a broad range of settings where
the only true limits are, as Rod Sterling would say, that of the
imagination. While gameplay will always be king in terms of what makes
or breaks a new MMO’s potential for success, sometimes the
simple notion of creating a unique setting for a game world
that’s never been fully explored is enough to get MMO players
to stand up and take notice. One such sci-fi MMO that certainly
deserves some attention for taking a vastly different approach to
setting and core gameplay elements is href=""
target="_blank"> style="font-style: italic;">Fallen Earth.

While many of the
concepts behind Fallen Earth may not be entirely
unique in and of themselves, the approach taken to bring them all
together paints a sci-fi picture of an MMO that promises to be greater
than the sum of the genre’s previous parts. The
title’s gritty post-apocalyptic setting certainly sets the
upcoming MMO apart from an industry seemingly hell-bent on
homogenization. In the coming months, I fully expect that as we see
more details emerge on core gameplay mechanics, many gamers will begin
to see Fallen Earth as a beacon leading them towards more interesting
sci-fi waters than what’s promised by many of its high-tech

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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