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1. Daily Column

Hooboy, our Gods and Heroes community manager, Todd Davis has come up with the article title to top all article titles. I like to think that my Loading... titles are on occasion quite witty, but they are a mere shadow of wit next to Todd's simple yet elegant, "Gods and Heroes: The Right to Arm Bears". Gold.

Video games are not an addiction; the American Medical Association says so and News.com feels it is important enough to report on. This is a problem.

If games and in particular MMO games are not an addiction then I can stop whenever I choose to do so. Gone are the days of telling my wife that I'll be going to bed soon. Gone are the days of shirking my work, or better yet pretending to be reviewing a MMOG when really I'm just playing it. (My bosses don't read this column so I'm free and clear!)

From Wikipedia, so you know it must be 1/3 true is this Treatment Modality Matrix, which takes a behaviour consistent with addiction, plunks an intervention on it and hopes to reach a set of goals.

Behaviour #1 - low self-esteem, anxiety, verbal hostility. The stereotypical gamer. In reality maybe 1 in oh...3 are really like this, but the public thinks it's the majority. Ignorance.

The intervention for this problem is relationship therapy. As long as they do it over Vent I say we're OK with it, oh and two-thirds of the males need to be playing female characters.

The goal is to increase our self-esteem. Well, let me tell you, nothing increases your self-esteem like standing in a virtual world with 25 other virtual people and killing some big virtual creature. That is character building, figuratively and literally.

Wikipedia's droppings only further prove that the AMA is correct. Playing video games in no more an addiction than homosexuality is a disease. What's next for gamers? Will they try to cure us? We were born this way. It's natural. I can hardly wait for the Game Pride Parades. Thousands upon thousands of pasty faced gamers with transparent skin dancing on floats made to resemble the Dark Portal or Qeynos would be a site to behold.

Gamers, be loud! Gamers, be proud! You are not addicts. You don't have a disease. Now start building your floats.

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2. New MMOG Articles At Ten Ton Hammer Today

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