If you haven’t already done so, you should read entry #1 below. This covers the very basic principals of the Trading Post that you must understand before you begin. Please also note that at the start of this tutorial, I had 3050 gold. I'm simply adhering to only spending 50 of that total amount to begin with and only then spending the profits earned from this diary. By the end of this diary series I should have 4000 gold (1000 gold profit being the target).

When I first began this diary series, the target for a months income from flipping on the Trading Post was 1000 gold in 31 days. Excluding weekends when I would take a break from trading altogether, it’s a certainty that reaching my target within the time frame is guaranteed. At my current progress of 630 gold, having only traded for around 18 days, another 500 seems a breeze. The problem I’m having is to find the energy to continue to do it. I’ve always stuck by that flipping should be complimentary to your play and it shouldn’t take you any longer than 30 minutes per day to place your Buy Orders. However, it’s the repetition of searching and the anticipation of whether or not your items will sell that’s exhausting. Some days you’ll get no buy orders filled, others almost everything will land in your delivery box.

Keeping up with the day to day need of turning over your items and the fact the Trading Post is a cumbersome beast makes it all the more taxing. Having said all that, I did find a nice little niche last week that turned out to be pretty lucrative. I ended up getting two Black Lion Salvage Kits and decided to use them on Bonetti’s Rapier. Placing Buy Orders for 3 gold, I think I picked up around 20. I salvaged the Rapier’s and sold the Superior Sigil of Bloodlust for 4 gold 15 silver each. In addition to that, I also sold on the Ectoplasms. In total, each round of salvaging and selling on 20 brought me in around 14 gold. I ended up using both Black Lion Salvage Kits, bringing in almost 30 gold. Other than that, all my mini’s have finally sold as well as several hundred Orichalcum Boot Linings, all my greatswords, daggers and insignias.

One thing I do keep getting asked is who is buying such poor items? In all honesty, I’ve no idea. Some of the Exotics with Berserker stats I can understand or even Berserker based weapons of any rarity, but some of the items that I’ve been selling I’m convinced are of use to no one. I don’t believe there’s enough new players to meet such demand for awful items, so why are they being bought? One explanation for some of the terrible rare weapons is the Mystic Forge but anything below that quality is a complete mystery to me. All I know is that weapons and armor of any quality and attribute seem to sell. The same goes for bags (of any slot size), food (as long as it offers power and precision).

So how am I going to earn 370 gold in around 10 days? Honestly, it’ll be a push. It will happen - whether it’s a few days after or not - but it’s going to rely on a great deal of luck to ensure the buy orders I place are fulfilled. If they aren’t, I’ll obviously never reach my goal. Either way, it’s going to be peddle to the metal this week and if possible, I might as well use my current wealth to go for some risky buy orders. Exotic weapons are going to be the order of the day as if they do get fulfilled, there’s often at least one to three gold in each once.

I’ll keep you updated as to whether I make the finish line in the next day or two.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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