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In the great Pirates vs.
Ninjas debate, when it comes to ticket sales for one of the hottest
MMOG fan events of the year it’s pretty clear that the
pirates are the reigning champs. Even with a second batch of BlizzCon
2010 tickets yet to go on sale this weekend, the secondary market is
already attempting to get a piece of the action. We’ll take a
little walk down memory lane to look at the ill effects of ticket
pirates today in Loading… Better Luck Next Round.

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Loading... Daily

During the latter half of
the 1990s, Chicago was my local stomping grounds. While I ultimately
made my escape to the Pacific Northwest shortly after the world was
supposed to end at the chiming of the year 2000 bells, one of my
favorite things about living in that particular city was the multitude
of clubs, theaters and other random spaces to see live music in. Any
band with half a brain cell between its members was sure to make a
Chicago stop if they toured the Midwest, even if it meant playing such
awful dives as the Fireside Bowl which was a bombed out, stinky, rat
infested mess that tried to pass itself off as being a “punk

During that period the internet
was coming into its own, and that was
also when I discovered one of its unfortunate side effects. While
standing in line overnight to snag choice tickets to see a favorite
band had previously been a time honored tradition, it soon became
apparent that even being first in line physically could still mean that
tickets might be sold out before you reached the sales counter.

That in and of itself
wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. What
was, however, was the fact that internet ticket sales helped usher in
an era when Chicago’s many ticket brokers held sway over the
selling price for just about any major act to come through town. It
seemed like nearly overnight there were hundreds of shady ticket
brokers’ offices popping up all over the city, and the live
music scene began to suffer as a result.

The reason for my long winded
preamble today is of course none other
than the joyous insanity of the first round of BlizzCon 2010 tickets
getting snatched up in an estimated 23 minutes yesterday. In less time
than it took for the first wave to sell out, tickets were already
popping up on Ebay for between $400 and $900 for a pair, though I
suspect the real secondary market ticket circus won’t kick
into full gear until the second batch goes on sale this Saturday. The
current sellers are either too silly to realize that a second batch
will go up for sale this weekend or too confident that
they’ll be able to make a quick buck off of gamers with deep
enough pockets to afford the high price tag.

Either way, I still consider it
a shame that there were thousands of
legitimate Blizzard fans sitting in the ticket queue last night who
were ultimately turned away thanks in part to the capitalist crapfest
that is the secondary ticket sales market. To me the whole thing just
brings up bad memories of discovering that the only way to get into a
club to see a band I’d
been waiting for months or years to
see live was to pony up hundreds of dollars for what should have been a
$15 ticket. I refused to do so back then, and I certainly
don’t dig the fact that for some fans, ticket pirates may be
their only means of attending one of the hottest fan events of the

Were you lucky enough to snag
BlizzCon tickets yesterday or still have
hopes of doing so this Saturday when the second batch goes on sale? Hop
on the Ten Ton Red Line and ride it on over to the Loading…
forum and let us know. And if you feel so inclined, you can also join
me in a chorus of loathing about the lameness of ticket pirates!

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