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There are plenty of gamers calling for a
sandbox-style MMOG, where
there are no classes, no levels, no experience to grind, just an open
world to explore and shape and a character to refine at one's whim. Dawntide,
currently in closed beta 2, wants to answer that call. At first glance,
does it appear to deliver?
Karen "Shayalyn" Hertzberg offers some brief first impressions in
today's Loading...
Dawntide Impressions - An Hour in the Sandbox


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I was somewhere in the middle between curiosity and excitement when I
received my href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/taxonomy/term/2210">Dawntide
beta invite yesterday. I'd read Ten Ton Hammer's href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/78664">Dawntide
preview several months back, and I was ready to see what a
skill-based sandbox MMOG looked like these days. I knew the game was
still in early beta stages, so I went in expecting bugs and lag to rear
their ugly heads (and they did, but not excessively so.) What I wasn't
quite prepared for, perhaps, was the sandbox part of the equation.

Keeping in mind that I only had about an hour to roam around the land
of Cleve, here are a few quick first impressions. Dawntide
won't blow anyone away graphically speaking; it's old school stuff
(think EverQuest
and you're right on track.) Don't look for much (and by "much" I mean
"anything") in the way of tutorials either--after completing the
minimalistic character creation and picking your base skills you're
dropped into a colorless and rather lifeless world in front of
an NPC who suggests a few things you might try doing, from harvesting
to assisting those who need assistance. From that point, you're on your
own. The UI is simplistic, doesn't seem capable of much, if any,
modification, and you're going to need more than intuition to find your
way around it.

I found myself asking a lot of questions in the game's one chat
channel: "How do I toggle run/walk?" (The answer was E, and when I
asked how the player responding knew that, he said that the E stood for
Experiment.) "Is there a world map? How do I access it?" (There isn't,
so you can't.) "How do I adjust my gamma? Things are way too dark."
(Good luck with that. You have to log out to access the game's options
menu, and there's no gamma setting.) "Okay, I'm here--now what? Do I
just pick flowers and kill bunnies and deer all day?" (It's a sandbox
MMO! Explore, dummy.)

Did I like Dawntide at first blush? No, not really.
Perhaps I'm a wimp. Maybe I've become accustomed to better graphics,
intuitive UIs, luxuries like tooltips and in-game options menus, more
to kill in my immediate newbie starting area, and at least a few NPCs
who have more to say to me than, "Don't go looking for trouble and
trouble won't find you." And yet, I can see the appeal of Dawntide,
too, for the right sort of player who's looking for an open-ended,
player-driven, classless, skill-based game with nothing but raw
potential. As one player said in chat last night, "Think EVE Online,
except you've got a character instead of a ship, and you've got Dawntide."
(How accurate that assessment is I don't really know, but there you
have it.)

Regardless of my initial impressions, I have to give Dawntide's
developers, Working as Intended, their due credit; they've identified a
niche and they're enthusiastically working it. There are gamers out
there who want in an MMOG precisely what Dawntide
is offering (albeit probably in a slightly more refined package). I'm
likely to give Dawntide another try as beta
progresses, just to see how it's coming along. If you'd like to get in
on the action, visit the official
and get yourself signed up. Beta players can invite
official forum members to beta, so a little forum participation could
go a long way if you're interested.

Are you looking for a skill-based sandbox to play in? Have your own
impressions of Dawntide to offer (there is no NDA)? Come share your
hopes and expectations for the perfect sandbox MMOG in the href="http://forums.tentonhammer.com/showthread.php?t=51153">Loading...

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