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With no loss of life, very limited property damage, yet with huge implications to air travel over Europe, the volcanic event in Iceland over the weekend was more of a natural disruption than a natural disaster. As a result, we weren't able to bring you live coverage from Ankama Convention #5 last weekend in Paris, but we are able to wonder where video games would be without the natural disaster motif in Loading... Disastrous Beginnings.

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I'd hoped to use today's Loading... to wrap up my experiences at Ankama Convention #5. My first experience with DOFUS was at an E3 booth some five years ago, and to my discredit the only thing I can remember from the experience is when a player came peddling herself, in all her pixellated miniscule buck-naked glory, through the common area mid-demo. DOFUS, now DOFUS 2.0, has come a long way since those strange early days, and I was as anxious to get a fresh take on DOFUS's now formidable and certainly less prostitution-oriented array of games.

An volcanic system in Iceland had other plans, however, and my flight remained grounded long after the event concluded as the ash continues to clear from the not-so-friendly skies above Northern Europe. But despite causing the greatest airline snafu since the 2001 terrorist attacks, in historical terms this eruption is small potatoes. The Laki fields eruptions combined for a Volcanic Explositivity Index of 1. Contrast that with the biggest eruption in recorded history: the 1815 eruption of Indonesia's Mount Tambora that modern volcanologists have reported was a 7. The explosion - 480 times larger than Tsar Bomba, the 1961 Soviet nuclear test that still holds the world's Strangelovliest record with a 50 megaton yield - was heard 1,600 miles away, and the plume was estimated to reach the stratosphere. 71,000 died in the eruption and millions died from famine as livestock ingested the ash and acidic fallout. Evidence of the ash has been found as far north as Greenland and as far south as Antarctica, and more than 3,000 miles away the American northwest was covered with a "dry fog." Global temperatures plummeted, rivers iced over in July as far south as Pennsylvania, effectively transforming the summer of 1815 for most of North America and Europe. In short, as Tambora tells, mother nature has quite a masochistic streak at times.

Most of us have a certain morbid appetite for mass destruction, especially when there's nothing we can do about it, and volcanoes are easily the most visually gratuitous of terrestrial natural catastrophes. Like earthquakes, you might be able to tell where ground zero will be, but it's far harder to say exactly when the hour will come or, when it comes, to escape the locus of destruction. As such, natural disasters tend to provide an excuse for the start of an MMORPG. Big new worlds require big new disasters: World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 will reinvent themselves through the efforts of colossal rampaging dragons. EverQuest 2 got its start when Norrath's moon unceremoniously exploded. Aion's world was magically, dramatically ripped apart at the seams, with only a thread holding the two halves together. EVE Online got its start storyline-wise when the EVE Gate exploded and humanity lost its only link to Earth.

Natural disasters are a believable way to hit the storyline / character development reset button, as are a close cousin - the extra-dimensional portal that opens up in expansions to City of Heroes and WoW - but other plot devices could work just as well. The "rise of the arch-villain" or, better yet, the "itinerant evil" is a popular one you'll find in games like Mass Effect and DragonAge, where the Darkspawn / whatever insidious thing the Protheans have turned into come around once every eleventy thousand years. Then there's the "MacGuffin," as Alfred Hitchcock termed it - the object of incredible power that the hero must quest for, but the object itself isn't really important to the story. The Arthurian legends and Indiana Jones movies are fundamentally MacGuffin quests, with "The Lord of the Rings" representing an interesting sort of an anti-MacGuffin story.

The problem we encounter in PvE-centric MMORPGs is that one disaster won't do. We must have a constant crisis - we have to have a reason, drawn out over months or years, to grow more and more powerful. And the bigger and bolder everything gets, from story to loot character developers, the greater the possibility that things will start to break or become ridiculous. Perhaps it's better to start out with a tame, Vanguardish sort of world, but then again, that sort of game wouldn't (and didn't) market well. A lore-obscure crisis such as we saw in games like Chronicles of Spellborn and Mortal Online failed to or is failing to captivate, too.

So is it fair to say that we must be hit over the head with a colossal disaster of some sort to kick off an RPG or MMORPG? Is there anything fundamentally interesting about playing in a different world than ours, or isn't it a game without a crisis? Share your thoughts in the Loading... forum!

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Awesome Quotes from the
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RPG: A setting which might remind you of the one usually found in Final
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extremely rich, varied and detailed. With a really strong mythology and
endless possibility of adventures, dungeons and raids.

- Lauraliane

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From Tabletop To Online: 5 RPGs That Would Make Kick-Ass MMOGs

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Capitalizing On The Tyrannis Patch For EVE Online

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Preview of Battle.net 2.0 in Starcraft II

been waiting since the days of 14.4 modems for a true revision to the
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system, and with it come many changes to the problems that have cropped
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Four Great WoW Comics to Get Your LOLs On

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