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Throughout this weekend at BlizzCon, folks like me who haven't
quite drank enough of the Blizzard kool-aid were haunted by one
question: what am I missing from GamesCom? Thanks to the newshounds at
Ten Ton Hammer, I was able to catch up in relatively short order and
I'll share my impressions of the biggest GamesCom headlines and weekend
news items today in Loading... GamesCom MMO Highlights.


The Pulse

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Here's today's top 5 Pulse results:

  1. href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/taxonomy/term/41"
    target="_blank">World of Warcraft
  2. href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/taxonomy/term/254">Aion 
  3. href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/taxonomy/term/860">Champions
  4. href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/taxonomy/term/115">Age of
  5. EverQuest

Biggest Movers today :

  1. href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/taxonomy/term/38"
    target="_blank">EverQuest href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/taxonomy/term/38"
    (UP 4 to #19)
  2. href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/taxonomy/term/1234">Runes
    of Magic (UP 2 to #14)
  3. href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/taxonomy/term/47"
    (UP 2 to #15)
MMO Releases
  • 7/13
    NA launch
  • 7/21-
    "Moogle Kupo d'Etat" Addon (release date)
  • 8/4 -
    of Warcraft
    Update 3.2 (content patch)



Loading... Daily

So if Blizzard games aren't your cup of tea, Europe's new
games conference mecca, GamesCom, brought plenty of non-WoW MMO
goodness (though the BlizzCon opening ceremonies were simucast in
Cologne. If you had your head buried in a DirectTV feed or, like me,
were slowly sinking into the floor of the Anaheim Convention Center
standing in line or in a crowd, catch up on the latest on what's
happening around the wide world of MMO gaming with me:

  • Star
    Trek Online
    fans got a 4-part video series done in stunning
    YouTube-esque videography. Doubtless href="http://www.gameguide.nl">Gameguide.nl was
    told not to zoom in on the screen, but were they told not to pan over
    to Andy Velasquez or maybe eliminate some of that nasty head room. Just
    saying. It might not exactly be the kind of video reveal that the
    Cryptic marketing team was planning on, but the game looks great (even
    if space looks a bit busy) and Craig Zinkievich relays plenty of great
    info in his usual exuberant style.
  • It must have been the weekend for 4-part series, because
    IGN flexed some media / retailer might and got Bioware to make them a
    video series for Star
    Wars: The Old Republic
    . The story, full dialogue, and first
    Bounty Hunter and Smuggler missions were what we saw at E3 but couldn't
    film (writeup here). The real goodness begins halfway through the
    second part with the reveal of the Sith Warrior class and Korriban. The
    Warrior has a fairly traditional Warriorness to him, with charge,
    melee, and execute abilities. 
  • Aion
    won some awards at GamesCon, most prominently "Best Online Games" from
    German portal giga.de. Clicking that link (NCSoft's, not mine) takes me
    to a prominent ad for "Messe-Babes" which we'll trust isn't as dirty as
    it sounds in German.  Lead Designer Yonchan Lee caught some
    softball questions from the audience, and had fairly unremarkable
    answers about things like PvPvE, but he did raise the possibility of
    instances before level 25, player housing, and mounts used not for
    transportation but for other aspects of the game. With Champions Online
    allowing in-game Twitter, it wasn't a total surprise that the Aion team
    is talking about providing social networking in-roads.
  • As you'll see below, a href="http://www.guildwars2.com/en/">Guild Wars 2 teaser
    trailer premiered at GamesCom. The visuals are stunning, and
    a fair amount of the video looks to be taken from in-game, and it'll be
    interesting to see how the Guild Wars (1) community reacts to what
    seems a much more PvE-oriented GW experience.

In other news:

  • No more lifetime or 6-month subscription offers are
    available for href="http://www.champions-online.com/exclusive_specials">Champions
    Online - congrats to Cryptic on the sellout. 
  • For Fallen
    fans, it's a good news / bad news situation. Bad News:
    Icarus has pushed its release date. Good news: they've only pushed it
    by a week. We've been getting requests to cover Fallen Earth a little
    more fully, so we'll do our best to interface with Icarus in the
    remaining weeks before launch.

What announcement thrilled you the most this past weekend? Share your
thoughts in the href="http://forums.tentonhammer.com/showthread.php?t=45713">Loading...

Epic Thread of
the Day

From our href="http://forums.tentonhammer.com/forumdisplay.php?f=6">Articles,
News & Events Discussion forum

Wars 2 Teaser Trailer Premiered at GamesCom

love gaming conventions, even when I don't attend them. Big events
usually mean new goodies in the form of information and
media about the upcoming games we're jonesing
for. GamesCom
has been no exception to the New Goodies rule this year. For instance,
NCSoft and ArenaNet unveiled a sweet Guild Wars 2 teaser trailer. I
consider myself well and duly teased...and intrigued. href="http://forums.tentonhammer.com/showthread.php?t=45548">Check
out the thread
to check out the trailer, and then let us know if Guild Wars 2 makes
you feel all funny (like when you climbed the rope in gym class), or if
it leaves you cold.

and discuss

Awesome Quotes from the
Epic Thread

"Yes, that is an awesome
but I've obviously missed something here. People talk about Guild Wars
2 like it's the second coming of Christ or something. But, you know,
Guild Wars isn't that amazing; its average combat, generic
settings (thought beautiful) and completely devoid of the persistant
worlds that truely make an MMO.

So...what gives? Why is
everyone so excited about a sequel to a game no one seems to play for
more than a few months before going back to a real MMO?"

- bobfish


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7 new MMOG home-grown articles today, many from
BlizzCon! 74 in August!
934 in

New Coverage and Guides At Ten Ton Hammer Today

BlizzCon 2009

  • Blizzcon
    '09: Starcraft 2
    Hands-on Preview

    Blizzcon 2009 brought about a ton of new information about Starcraft 2,
    Diablo 3, and the MMOG knockout World of Warcraft. Our very own Adam
    Stow went to Blizzcon and got to play the latest version of Starcraft 2
    so that he can relay his experience back to you. How does the single
    player campaign feel? Will Hydralisks become the new Zerg vs. Zerg
    favorite? Found out our hands-on view of Starcraft 2!
  • Video:
    Fan Impressions from BlizzCon 2009

    While the hype and atmosphere of BlizzCon is fun, the best reason to go
    is the discussions, laughs, and arguments you'll have with other fans.
    One of our favorite BlizzCon features is a series of fast-paced,
    unscripted fan interviews we do with BlizzCon attendees, and this year
    we have quite an assortment - from families to a top-ranked guild
    leader to a few folks in costume (and in character) to not one but a
    three-spot of Arthas doppelgangers!

More Articles:

  • WoW
    - Trial of the Crusader - Lord Jaraxxus Strategy

    With the 3.2 patch to the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King,
    Blizzard opened up another raid instance for players. The second
    encounter in the Trial of the Crusader raid starts off when a lowly
    Gnome Warlock comes out to summon a felguard for your group to fight.
    Something, however, goes horribly wrong, as it usually does when a
    Gnome is involved, and mayhem ensues.  Instead of a felguard,
    a demon lord is summoned.  Your raid must therefore defeat the
    fearsome Lord Jaraxxus to move on in the Coliseum. Byron "Messiah"
    Mudry walks you through the basics of the fight in this strategy guide.
  • Comic
    - Zeroes -
    "A Bit Overpowered"

    Champions Online is based entirely off of superheroes. The big, the
    bad, and the bold all share Millennium City as their home. But what
    about the less than average caped crusaders? Who will tell their story?
    This week, Nothingman finds himself a serious adversary... in a
    low-level tutorial boss named Black Talon?:
  • Introduction
    to Aion

    Titles in Aion are a bit different than those featured in many other
    MMOGs. In Aion, titles actually provide benefits when used, allowing
    the player to enhance specific stats from certain titles. These boosts
    can enhance battle statistics, flight, and more to aid the player in
    smiting their enemies from the sky. This week we have put together an
    introduction to the titles in Aion to help get you familiar with some
    of the benefits of wearing titles in Aion.
  • In
    the Business of Fun: A Video Q&A with The Syndicate's
    Sean "Dragons" Stalzer
    Ten Ton Hammer spoke with The Syndicate's guild leader
    and CEO, Sean "Dragons" Stalzer, on the highlights of the annual world
    conference in 2009, on their current efforts and how they balance their
    guide authoring, consulting, and philanthropic side with the fun of
    gaming in the context of a close knit, friendship-oriented multi-game
    guild. If you want to take your guild to the next level or gain some
    long-term staying power, it's well worth watching this video!
  • Interview
    with THQ*ICE for Dragonica Online

    As the massively multiplayer online gaming marketplace continues to
    expand, developers are continuing to push the boundaries of the
    "standard" gameplay that we enjoy. A prime example of that is THQ*ICE's
    upcoming 3D side-scroller, Dragonica Online. Recently unveiled to the
    public via its open beta test, Dragonica is a mixture of cartoon style
    with fast-paced action. Ten Ton Hammer recently sat down with Product
    Manager Ben Serviss to find out more about this fantasy-based action

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    Closed Doors with Blizzard
    - The 2009 Blizzard Summit
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    Hands-on Preview
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    2009 - The Changing Face of Battle.net
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    Fan Impressions from BlizzCon
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    '09 Opening Ceremonies - WoW's Cataclysm
    and Diablo 3's Monk Class
  8. In
    the Business of Fun: A Video Q&A with The Syndicate's
    Sean "Dragons" Stalzer
  9. WoW
    - Trial of the Crusader - Lord Jaraxxus Strategy
  10. Blizzcon
    '09 Costume Contest Gallery

Real World News [Thanks Phil!
Find some RWN? Email it to Phil at href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]
  • href="http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/science-news/6016857/Invisible-doorways-or-portals-a-step-closer-to-reality-claim-scientists.html">Scientists
    say we are a step closer to being able to create invisible doorways
    Some time in the not-too-distant-future, Tom Cruise can step out
    through the invisible doorway of his invisible closet.
  • Woman
    at mechanic's shop: "Oh, and I have a live goat in the trunk."

    Charges are pending from Animal Control.  Her lawyer says,
    “She’s innocent, she plans to bleat the rap, I kid you not.”

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