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At the Fallen Earth meet-up at PAX East 2010, I wondered out-loud why Lee Hammock wasn't present. Mr. Hammock was long a staple of the Fallen Earth away team, and the Fallen Earth folks simply exchanged a look and replied that he didn't make the trip.

Now we know why. That Lead Game Designer Lee Hammock is leaving the Fallen Earth team is a bombshell announcement for the innovative young developer. Fallen Earth is in many respects Mr. Hammock's brain child, and it's far from an abject failure, so it must have taken quite an offer for him to leave. As it turns out, it did, and Ten Ton Hammer's Reuben "Sardu" Waters is getting the scoop even now at Triangle Games Conference in Raleigh, NC. Look for more tomorrow.

Ten Ton Hammer has a definite soft spot for indies(self-published and distributed, like Fallen Earth) and quasi-indies (games with distribution agreements if not publishing deals) - these being the risk-taking, innovative core of the MMO genre, perhaps of social games in general. Games like WoW... check that, WoW... is a lot like McDonald's - it's convenient, it's a known product - you know exactly what you're going to get, and there are plenty of rotating happy meal toys to keep the little ones mesmerized. Plenty of folks eat at McDonald's and find other eating establishments objectionable, mostly based on price and value. McDonald's fulfills the urge - if you were somehow marooned on an island with access to a magical drive thru window and a lifetime supply of Arch Cards, you'd be content in the hunger category, if not exactly blissful. In short, McDonald's is the opiate of the hungry motoring masses, much like WoW is the somnolent of today's MMO hordes.

But that's changing. Many of you felt that Mattlow's editorial on Facebook as a potential or actual WoW-slayer compared apples to oranges. I don't profess to know exactly what is going on in Mattlow's head, but I think I know what he was driving at: the urge that used to drive people to play Ultima Online or EverQuest or Dark Age of Camelot or (most recently) WoW is the same one that is driving people today to play Mafia Wars and Farmville. It's simply the next stage (or, better yet, mutation) in the evolution of social games, an evolution that hasn't been going on long enough to efficiently weed out bad ideas in favor of good ones. As Xerin pointed out in the comments, there's nothing new about the gameplay - these games closely resemble BBS games from the very early days of the PC. The magic is nothing more than their rote simplicity, coupled with the universal, no-install accessibility and social synergy offered by the Facebook platform.

But like WoW, like McDonald's, we should be asking whether Facebook games are a healthy step forward. Three thousand Loadings... ago, in the early days of WoW, we noted a shift in how players interact. WoW came to be known to some as the anti-community MMO - indeed as the anti-MMO - since most players started bringing their own cliques into the game rather than meeting new friends online. "Pick-up group" came to have a negative connotation, since WoW's accessibility seemed to mean a never-ending supply of greedy softheads. So we huddled up, and you were unlikely to spend much time in-game with anyone who wasn't, at the very least, a friend of a friend.

Facebook takes that concept a step further. You're not even really talking or interacting with other players except to advertise the game to them through achievements, invites, and codes. These games deal in massive volume, so what used to be a rich (if imperfect) social experience, has devolved into an Amway sales contest. And, worse, how much time you're playing these fundamentally brainless games is out there for all your faux friends (and maybe even your future employers) to see. The end result is that you're going to be careful who you friend, and what was once a wonderfully inclusive web community will, over time, become more clique-ish and exclusive.

And if that's the next step in social games, count me out. I'd much rather see tomorrow's MMORPGs expand on the social ideals of yesterday's titles, become more of an escape from real life than a component of it, than chase the faceless scoreboard-driven pissing contest that is Facebook gaming.

Agree? Disagree? We've presented two sides of the issue today and yesterday, which argument do you find more convincing? Your opinion is welcome in the Loading... forum!

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metal doorknob.

Okay, so it's really not static electricity; if you want science, Wikipedia knows things. I prefer to watch the amazing video.


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