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style="font-style: italic;">BlizzCon
2010 has finally arrived, and the area surrounding the Anaheim
Convention Center has been transformed into one massive celebration of
all things Blizzard. Leading the charge of our ground troops at the
‘con, today Sardu shares some of his experiences from the
past two days leading up to the event, including a jaw dropping figure
that helps illustrate just how ambitious of a project style="font-style: italic;">Diablo III
is shaping up to be. This and much more await you today in href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/loading/2010/oct/22">Loading…
Down the BlizzCon Rabbit Hole.

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Super Chunk of MMOG peanut butters.

BlizzCon 2010 is finally upon us, and while I make my final
preparations prior to swooping down on ‘con like Deathwing
incarnate, there are a number of interesting anecdotes worth sharing
from my experiences so far. In fact, the event truly began for me on my
connecting flight to Anaheim on Wednesday, as I quickly discovered that
I was seated between two avid href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/wow"> style="font-style: italic;">World of Warcraft

One of them, a member of href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/playerscore/scoreboards?server=139&guild=205343&">Gong
Show, a top ranked style="font-style: italic;">WoW
guild, is currently stationed in Iraq but used some of his R&R
time to make the monumental trek across the globe just to attend the
event. Call it what you will, but I can’t help but admire
that level of dedication to a favorite game or company. As we talked,
it was interesting hearing what kind of preparations raiding guilds are
already making to be able to take a crack at getting world firsts once href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/wow/cataclysm"> style="font-style: italic;">Cataclysm
launches next month.

The dedication of Blizzard fans was just one of the many topics I had
the pleasure of discussing yesterday on my ride back from the day-long
fansite summit at the Blizzard HQ with none other than the legendary
Samwise. It was a rare opportunity to chat about the gaming industry
with one of the people that helped carve the face of Blizzard on the
MMOG Mt. Rushmore.

For example, though the original style="font-style: italic;">EverQuest
is largely responsible for the gameplay templates most of us take for
granted, releasing such a seemingly hardcore game in the current era
would likely be commercial suicide for the developer and publishing
entities involved.

Earlier in the day I also had the chance to speak with Alex Mayberry,
Senior Producer for style="font-style: italic;">Diablo III.
While it will still be quite some time before a release window is ready
to be announced, from the sounds of it the style="font-style: italic;">D3
team is nearing the important milestone of opening the game to the full
staff at Blizzard for internal testing. As Alex explained, from there
it will be a few months until the ‘friends and
family’ beta begins, and depending on the feedback during
that phase, a public beta won’t be too far off.

I expect that more specific gameplay details will be revealed early in
the day today for style="font-style: italic;">D3,
but in the meantime it sounds as though development is progressing
quite well. One big thing that stood out for me though, was on the
topic of skills and runes in the game. At present, there are roughly 97
billion potential combinations of skills and runes alone. Yes, I said
billion. That doesn’t even factor in all of the other
variables involved in creating a largely dynamic gameplay experience,
but it certainly puts into proper perspective just how ambitious a
project D3
is shaping up to be.

For those of you not attending the con or absorbing it like a giant
virtual sponge via the internet or Direct TV feeds, keep your eyes
peeled on our BlizzCon 2010 event portal for all the important news and
announcements this weekend. In the meantime, be sure to venture on over
to the href="http://forums.tentonhammer.com/showthread.php?t=54306">Loading…
to share your thoughts on the ‘con.

Shayalyn's Epic Thread of the

From our href="http://forums.tentonhammer.com/forumdisplay.php?f=724">Guild
Wars 2 General Discussion forum

Wars 2 will sell you more dungeons

Wars pioneered the subscriptionless MMOG by offering a game
is free to play after the box purchase. Gamers seem to enjoy this
setup--there's nothing better than a game you can pick up any time
without worrying about renewing a subscription. But bring the word
"microtransactions" into the mix, regardless of the fact that the game
remains subscriptionless, and suddenly you've got a minor uproar.
Suggest that just style="font-style: italic;">maybe
microtransactions will include the sale of additional dungeons, and
things get even worse. Head to our forums to get the scoop and href="http://forums.tentonhammer.com/showthread.php?t=54282">discuss.


Quotes from the Epic Thread

already doing this type of thing with DDO. So if GW2 does it, that's
fine by me. The original game already looks like it will be large
enough that folks won't have to buy anything else if they don't want to.

- href="http://forums.tentonhammer.com/showpost.php?p=444532&postcount=3">KM9K


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Wars Halloween Guide


is happening in Guild Wars and there are a lot of things to do! Get out
there and start stocking up on holiday treats such as the
Ghost-in-the-Box or try your luck at the Costume Brawl where you can
fight as one of your favorite heroes or henchmen. Stay tuned as the
holiday advances and more quests are released in addition to 
King Thorn's return October 31st.

Wars 2: The Ever Deflating Miniature Market


lot is changing in the world of Guild Wars 2 as each week we find out
something new and exciting from the developers over at ArenaNet. This
week we take a look at some of the topics that are currently going on
in the community and attempt to explore some of the subjects that have
people talking. Right now we’re looking at the miniature
market, the
long wait until GW2 finally hits the shelves, and other hot topics in
the Guild Wars 2 world.

Burglar Class Guide for Lord of the Rings Online


Burglar is one of the most advanced classes available to Lord of the
Rings Online Free-to-Play accounts, and one of the most intriguing and
fun. This is the class for people who enjoy fighting dirty, for
outwitting enemies rather than simply overpowering them. Want to learn
to play a Burglar? Our class guide will help you out.

4.0.1 Updated Death Knight Talents


put the Unholy tree back in the spotlight with some absolutely massive
buffs to the Ghoul pet that will make a real impact on the class'
playstyle and will make Unholy once again the go-to DPS tree for Death


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