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In yesterday's Loading..., Sardu reviewed the popular MMRLG Airport, and now that the ever-talented and beautiful Ten Ton Hammer team of Mattlow, Sardu, and Ethec is on the ground in Boston, its time for a look at the massive raid instance known as PAX East 2010. PAXe hosts its own share of trash mobs, scripted encounters, epic bosses, and loot, and we'll offer you a special hands-on preview (badge-on preview?) in today's Loading... Raiding PAX.

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Yesterday, Sardu conveyed his experience with the rabidly popular MMRLG Airport, and today I have what I guess you could call a hands-on preview of this weekend's hottest raid instance, PAX East 2010. We put PAXe to the test yesterday, but unfortunately the concept was in pre-production, with a massive concrete and tape wireframe show floor in place. The top designers, Gabe and Tycho, were milling about the press badge and volunteer queues looking a bit nervous, but since the plan is for a soft launch (the floor opens at 2pm), there was plenty of time for a textbook beta crunch this morning.

Once inside, the plan is to clear out the trash mobs of middleware demos, rabid fangrrls, and under-informed volunteers, moving on to today's boss encounter: a two-stage encounter with Turbine to see the latest and greatest on Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online. Then we'll check out Nvidia's reveal of two new cards and a new 3D demo with World of Warcraft before distributing the loot to you in terms of live coverage. Some of that coverage will be posted tonight, so keep an eye on http://www.tentonhammer.com/events/paxeast2010 for all the latest from the event.

As our PAX East 2010 raid moves into its final stage tomorrow, we'll face scripted encounters (hopefully not entirely scripted) with APB, Fallen Earth, City of Heroes and more. Then, tomorrow night, for a final epic encounter we wrap things up with Turbine's Adam Mersky and a special live event! We're proud to partner with podcasting veterans omfg.fm (Original Media for Gamers, clever eh?) for a special preview edition of the Ten Ton Hammer Live Podcast tomorrow night from PAX East 2010. If you don't have plans (and if you're not at PAX East, how can you?) join us and host Jesse Cox tomorrow night from 7pm - 8:30 EDT (4pm PDT, 2300 UTC) at http://omfg.fm/ .

And that's the latest from PAX East 2010 - we're just getting started! If you see anything brewing that you want us to cover in-depth, if you'll be at the event and want to meet up and say hi at one of the Saturday sessions, or just want to give us a shout, let us have it in the Loading... forum!

Shayalyn's Epic Thread of
the Day

From our Tavern of the Ten Ton Hammer Forum

Farewell, Dalmarus!

suppose it's cool that Ten Ton Hammer has proven to be a stepping
stone, but it's hard not to feel the weight whenever one of our best
and brightest leaves to pursue a career on the dev side of the
gaming industry.

Today we're saying goodbye to Eric "Dalmarus" Campbell. Eric started out as a hardworking writer for our Vanguard community site
(I should know; I was the one cracking the whip). Eventually, he took
up the responsibility of site lead for Vanguard. His latest gig has
been as Admiral--er, site lead--for our Star Trek Online community site. If you've enjoyed the guides and mountains of content our STO team has produced, you have Eric largely to thank for it.

Today we're sending Eric off to his new position at none other than Blizzard. Stop by and wave goodbye.


Awesome Quotes from the
Epic Thread

"There's making it, and then there's making it into Blizz. Congrats on the legendary drop, Dal!"

- Anacche

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and Exclusive Content
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WoW: Patch 3.3.3 Download Available Now


for somewhere to pick up patch 3.3.3 for World of Warcraft? Look no
more because it's now available here at Ten Ton Hammer. We've got a
speedy download with no queues, waits, or gold ads to get between you
and the game. If you've already downloaded it be sure to look over the
patch notes to see what's new.


EQ2: Gearing Up in a New Tier


you are stepping back into EverQuest II after a break then you'll find
that your armor and weapons are lacking a little in comparison to other
players in the upper levels. Rather than suffer through to level 90
while striving to gear up and level up at the same time, read our
overview of the better armor and weapon sets that are more attainable
for returning players in these tiers.

Global Agenda Recon PvP Guide


other stealth classes in MMOs today, the Recon of Global Agenda isn't
any more frail or less resistant  to damage than the other
soldiers. Normally that'd be enough to make people cry about it being
overpowered, but it's also the most dangerous class in the game,
capable of killing a target in less than a second from seemingly miles
away. Welcome to the life of the Recon in PvP...and with our guide on
how to excel at it, life is good!

WoW: Loremaster's Corner: The Ethereals


Loremaster's Corner is back again this week talking about the races
that have long since been forgotten. This week we focus on the
Ethereals also known as "weird space mummies." Who were they, where are
they in WotLK, and what were they about? These questions and more
answered in this week's Loremaster's Corner.

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