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What if the concept of a
"theme park" MMOG were to cross over into being a
real world attraction? That's exactly what Game Nation has
proposed with the announcement of the "world's first
experiential video game theme park and resort". Yes, you read that
correctly. We'll take a closer look at one of the most
bizarre new concepts to hit the wide world of gaming in recent years
today in Loading... Welcome to LARPland.

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Loading... Daily

At one point or another, we've
all heard
of MMOGs referred to as either a "sandbox" or "theme park". The
differentiating characteristics
between the two being that the former tends to be somewhat open ended
but gives players the tools to create their own experience such
as EVE
Tyrannis expansion
which launched yesterday. The
latter tends to provide players specific points of interest and more
often than not leads them by the nose to get there through various
means as popularized for the masses by href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/wow">World
of Warcraft

Now, on any given day I come up
with plenty of wacky ideas that
I realize should never be made public. But even at their wackiest, I
don't think I've ever sat down and said to myself,
"Gee, I wish there were a real world MMOG theme park where piles of gamers could
LARP the day away and then settle in for the night with a relaxing
massage given by a team of ninjas." But when I first read
about href="http://www.demandgamenation.com/">Game Nation,
that's exactly what I pictured. Or more
specifically, I pictured a cross between href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZ04mfAY2BU">this
video, DragonCon cosplay
contests and Fantasy Island. And to be honest I don't know
whether I should be highly amused at the thought, or very, very scared.

Described as the world's first
Experiential Video Game Theme
Park and Resort, Game Nation claims, "Visitors will become
players as their dreams and fantasies come to life in adventures yet to
be told. You will become anything you like and live out the character
you create. But this is no game. It's real!"

Apparently we still have plenty
of time to ponder whether to be amused
or scared by the thought of what Game Nation is proposing, as the
official website states that a location for the theme park will be
decided sometime in the next 12 months. The ' href="http://www.demandgamenation.com/what-is-game-nation/">What
is Game
Nation?' portion of the site is
similarly cryptic, upping the
bizarro factor by 10 with a long winded description of setting out on
grand adventures or talk of majestic relics and whimsical hardware
rather than explaining what in the world this place is supposed to be.

Regardless, I have to admit a
morbid curiosity to see what ultimately
comes of this. For all I know it might not be the LARPland train wreck
waiting to happen that I imagine it to be, but then again all signs
point to a giant case of WTF? whenever I think about it for too long.

Do you think the world is
prepared for the coming of
LARPland? Do other, even more bizarre things spring to mind when you
contemplate the idea of stepping into a real world MMOG? Don your
favorite +10 Cape of Conversing and share your thoughts in the
Loading... forum!

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potentially game play, but I'm especially excited for the new
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the game situations and story I've seen in an MMO and I hope Jeremy
gets to pull it off again

- Fatemaster


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