Perhaps I've a taste for the unconventional, but I seem to gravitate towards Heroes in Heroes of the Storm that no one seems to like. Whether it's Sonya, Chen and in this case, Abathur. Unlike every other Hero, Abathur uses other Heroes as a host to perform most of his skills. Although he can still roam the map in his form, he hits like a wet noodle and dies as quickly as Murky. Having said that, he's incredibly challenging to play well and although your team is technically one man down in every fight, Abathur can be everywhere.

Thanks to his Symbiote skill he can enhance the skills of those he selects, offering a single target attack, an AOE and a shield. They're not earth shatteringly powerful, but in a 1 on 1 fight you undoubtedbly double the power of the Hero you're supporting. As you level you'll also provide significant bonuses through using Symbiote: 25% extra attack speed is significant. Late game, your Symbiote skill can affect two Heroes in an area offering a rediculous boost to the group. When I play Abathur I also take Evolve Monstrosity instead of Ultimate Evolution as it allows you to push lanes incredibly easily. Combined with your vision from Toxic Nest's, if you use Symbiote effectively your team should never be outnumbered and you can support them everywhere. Admitedly it's a challenging Hero because you have to know who to Symbiote and when, but if you do it right - your team can be unstoppable, especially if you have Illidan or Thrall. 

What do you all think of Abathur? Is he considered Tier 5 for a reason? 

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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