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Everyone can use a feel good moment to start the day.   Let’s go with this…


Blizzard is never one to step lightly and their announcement to include a real money trade (RMT) system in Diablo 3 is no exception. What that means to those of you who have never dealt with RMT (I’m looking at the two toddlers there in the back row) is that you will be able to sell in-game items via a sanctioned Blizzard auction house for real money. On the flip side, you will be able to spend real money to buy virtual items from other players which in just about every game going is a big black-eye.

I don’t feel this way about many games; I play just about everything, but… I probably won’t play Diablo 3 now. I’m not a pay-to-win guy. Does this RMT system appeal to many gamers? Of course it does and you need look no further than the glut of RMT going on in the industry to know that. It doesn’t however appeal to me.  

I can certainly see Blizzard’s side of the story. The market is huge. Their game is huge and Blizz gets to control the RMT market rather than watch it spin wildly out of control at arms-length.  

I can also see that the cut Blizzard will take will be nothing short of gigantic. The Diablo 3 tree just grew leaves of money and they are falling on Activision’s profit and loss statement.

Xerin has his own take on the issue, which you can read here. As always it is an informative romp down a lane of the highway I rarely drive in.  

“So, let’s look at the facts. Are we going to be seeing real life money prices in the auction house soon? I doubt it. Would it be a horrible idea? By Doomhammer no! It would simply circumvent an already existing (and illegal) process that many players exploit currently to bring it more into legal territory. Not only that, it’d provide an excellent way for WoW players to produce a bit of extra income from their constant farmings or guilds to come up with a way to foot guild hosting (or even better, a way to snag a bit of money to hook yourself up with a Ten Ton Hammer Premium Membership for our awesome PlayerScore perks).” --  David

What are your thoughts on RMT as part of a game?  What if it were part of your favourite MMOG?


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