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“Let him that would move the world first move himself.” -- Socrates

Everyone can use a feel good moment to start the day.   Let’s go with this…

Star Wars: The Old Republic is officially available for pre-order and just to push the envelope, not only is EA offering up some extra goodies if you promise to take the plunge, but they are going to queue when you get your early game access based on when you purchased the pre-order. 

I’ve been waiting for a publisher to have the balls to do this and well, EA has balls; the rush is on, the tide is going, the air tank is getting low… Hurry, hurry, hurry, step right up to the most amazing show in the old republic….

If you want to throw even more dough at EA (and can find a copy... 9 new copies at list price have turned up on Amazon.com for the moment, but resellers are currently hawking the CE for double the list price) you can buy the collector’s edition.  As a part-time Star Wars fan many of the items in the Collector’s Edition don’t mean much to me.
  • Color Stone to change my weapons colour.  
  • 30 days game time.
  • Gentle giant Darth Malgus statue  (Not a clue who that is.. googletime)
  • Metal case for the game discs.
  • Journal of Master Gnost-Dural as annotated by Satele Shan (Googletime!)
  • Custom Security Authentication Key
  • Music of Star Wars: The Old Republic CD
  • High-quality Collector’s Edition box (Note: if this is made of cardboard I call shenanigans on the high-quality part)
  • Flare gun (virtual)
  • Training Droid (virtual, wait, no, it’s virtual)
  • Holodancer (virtual L)
  • Holocam (virtual, perhaps for use on the dancer)
  • STAP (virtual vehicle. Required Googletime!)
  • Mouse Droid (virtual companion)
  • Collector’s Store (In-game vendor with items available only to CE owners)

So, the regular fare, but…. Early access based on when you purchase and a vendor that will only sell to CE owners.  

I have to admit the access gate almost makes me want to pre-order just to start the game 30 minutes before one of my buddies, but since my family all use Macs then World of Warcraft is probably my home for a good long time.  (Sorry EVE Online, my wife just doesn’t like your style)

Your mission yesterday was to click and follow me on Twitter.  Thank you to the one (1) person who did that.   Seriously, one person clicked and followed.   I can take the hint.   I’m still going to send out some blurbs on Twitter and not here though, especially if they are timely so, go on now and put a smile on my face by clicking here.  @BoomjackTTH

Your mission today is to answer these questions, preferably not just in your own head.  Email me, post to the comments section on the Reloading… website or fire me a tweet.

  • Will staggered early access prod you to buy SWTOR earlier than you would normally?
  • Can a cardboard box be considered high-quality?
  • Is an exclusive vendor, with no items currently listed for purchase worth the gamble?
  • Shouldn’t all authentication keys be “custom”?
  • Who is Darth Malgus?
  • Do you plan to follow me on Twitter?

As always, you can contact me a number of ways:

  • Email
  • Twitter
  • Website
  • Telepathy (Just make sure it’s during business hours.  I hate to be woken by this stuff)

Until we meet again,

John “Boomjack” Hoskin

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