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(On Dance Dance Revolution) "The hardest thing I have ever tried in my life. I was one step behind every moment. I was doing so bad the machine even said "Do you even have legs?" It just said that, right in front of the screen.” – Russell Peters

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With the release of Rage of the Firelands, it was already a busy week in the news department. But then other MMOGs released their own major content updates - most notably:  Age of Conan, Champions Online, City of Heroes, DDO, Global Agenda, and Warhammer Online - and this week became that much busier. Let's hit some of the news we might have skimmed over in the mad rush.

First up, Pottermore. I’m not a Harry Potter fan.  I didn’t particularly enjoy the books, though I can see their appeal to others.   The movies, well, if I didn’t have kids I would never have seen them.   With that in mind it should come as no surprise that I’m not too excited about the recent non-announcement of what maybe, could be, might be a Harry Potter online game.     The video featuring J.K. Rowling doesn’t actually announce anything. 


Stolen directly from a Seinfeld episode, this 1:49 of J.K. banter is a video about nothing.   If you have always wondered where you might exclusively buy Harry Potter e-books then I guess you got your answer, but that question has never and will never enter my mind.    Turbine, spill the beans please.   A leaked memo is all it will take.  Thanks!

Speaking of leaked memos, CCP, the makers of EVE Online have fought a PR battle to a standstill regarding an allegedly leaked memo which states that not all micro-transaction purchases will be vanity items.  Some of the items that players can buy will affect gameplay.  The launch of the vanity store as it stands hasn’t gone without some head scratching and finger pointing.    Some of the vanity items in the store cost over $20 to purchase with a monacle going for over $60.   This is more than people for the items in real life.   /insert head shake

In any case, the EVE's player elected panel, the Council of Stellar Management, is meeting with CCP through today in Iceland to discuss monetization plans in detail. What, if anything, will come of the meeting? What is your take on EVE’s new store? 

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on something from the column today or just in general. Have a great Independence Day weekend, Canada Day weekend, or just have a great weekend! Reloading... will return on Tuesday, July 5th.

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