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"This site also demonstrates one of the great dangers to archaeology; not to life and limb, although that does sometimes take place.  I’m talking about folklore.” – Indiana Jones

Everyone can use a feel good moment to start the day.   Let’s go with this…


In keeping with my Indiana Jones quote choice today I’m going to touch upon Archaeology in World of Warcraft.    It may be the most time consuming, low reward, low risk enterprise that you could partake in while playing the game and yet, many players have maxed out their skills continue to click-run-click-run-click-run in search of some item that they desperately desire.   The Harrison Jones questline made the profession seem like a lot of fun.   I mean, seriously, who doesn’t like swinging from a rope knocking down huge Egyptian statues to get their oh so good piñata like fillings?  

What if… World of Warcraft continued down this path?

The next profession might be one where oh, you played a game that resembled So You Think You Can Dance, flying across the continents to compete in dance-offs where you picked one of three buttons and pressed them in no particular order over and over.     As you increased your skill by winning or losing these contests you would receive better rewards.  At 525 skill you might even get an epic pair of shoes!  OMG this is going to be the next profession for sure. 

Maybe you will have to wear special gear like you do in fishing.   Footloose outfits or maybe legwarmers will be a requirement.   Maybe not, but there are some crafted epics coming in patch 4.2.

Fists of Fury will be an iLvl 378 plate hand piece crafted by blacksmiths.  (Who seem to get a lot of epics in the new patch). Jewelcrafters on the other hand get to make…wait for it… iLvL 358 (yes, worse than what is already available) rings and necks.   I bet the lineup starts, well never, since who would want those items when we can already get 359 equivs on the auction house?

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