Star Trek Online is officially out in the public arena for Open Beta. All of you who have been ignoring the tweets, the forums, the Facebook updates and the Ten Ton Hammer exclusives about the game better learn fast. Our latest beta journal is here to help as this week’s blog will enlighten you on the careers of Star Trek Online and how they match up with the more traditional roles of Tanks, Healer, or DPS (aka the holy trinity). Read on and get ready to beam aboard.

The recurrent theme within STO is that the playstyle options are very open and can be tailored and changed as time goes on. Rolling a Science officer does not mean that a player won’t be doing damage, far from it. Adding the right bridge officers/skills to the right ships and kitting them with firepower means that a Captain in full Science Officer Regalia can blow people to smithereens.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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