This week Jesse is joined by "Fallen Earth" Project Manager Colin Dwan and OMFG's Davlen for a look into the future. The dark twisted world of a post-apocalyptic hellscape ruled by mutants and zombies. Where you fight with shotgun in one hand and half dressed futurisitc biker babe in the other. Sounds like my kind of place. Oh...and they talk about Fallen Earth 1.4, riding chickens, and the idea of player housing. THEN, Colin sticks around for an apocalyptic "Master Looter"! So remember - WHO RUNS BARTER TOWN?!? JESSE RUNS BARTER TOWN!!!

Click here to tune into Ten Ton Hammer Live - Episode 2 - Fallen Earth Project Manager Colin Dwan stops by to find out who runs Barter Town.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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