This week on Ten Ton Hammer Live Jesse and Ben learn Weird Al is still giving concerts when Davlen announces he has to leave early to go to one. So white and nerdy, let's hope he doesn't get trapped in the drive-thru trying to eat it in an amish paradise.

More importantly the boys welcome back our first roccuring guest, from the very first podcast, Turbine Producers Fernando Paiz and Erik Boyer come on to discuss how going free to play turned DDO into a powerhouse of gaming fun.

Then Fernando and Eric stay for another hilarious "Master Looter". This time with a drunk wizard, a massive dragon, and the possibility of a near perfect record breaking (Barry Bonds style) game.

In the news this week, STO asks you to create a ship, Tera comes to Europe, and a whole other mess of stuff.

Tune in! You'll love it.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016