The WoW Weekly Report is our weekly newsletter dedicated to giving you a wrap-up of the previous week in news, stories, and more. This week due to two huge conventions WoW articles were held back, so we take a look at some past big Cataclysm articles. In addition check out all the news regarding World of Warcraft so you don't miss a thing. All this and more in our WoW Weekly Report every Tuesday.

This past week the on the Ten Ton Hammer network many of our staff were super busy with two huge ga mining events. Even those that did not go to the event ended up being tied up with the events for much of the week. Those two events were: SOE's Fan Faire and gamescon all the way over the pond in Cologne, Germany.

For those that haven't checked out the coverage of these two events yet, you really need to a lot went on between the two of them. At SOE Fan Faire a new expansion was announced, there was a chance for a hands on with DC Universe, a look at Sony's security token, and much more. Also for all you out there that still believe girls don't play games, check out the video from Jeff and Ben covering the SOE Fan Faire Pool Party. Meanwhile in Germany at gamescon there was a look at Battlestar Galactica Online, TERA, LOCO, Guild Wars 2 news, and much more.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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