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This past week the on the Ten Ton Hammer network we were super busy with Cataclysm previews here on the network. First up we previewed the amazing new instance The Stonecore and all it's underground glory, the we looked at the changes coming the the zone of Azshara. Then we hit you up with a look at the profession changes coming when Cataclysm launches. Overall a pretty big week with some very solid content.

Then just when we thought we were done for the week, almost out of the blue the retaking of Gnomeregan and the Reclaiming Echo Isles launched on the live servers. So we jumped in and ensured we had guides for both of these events. For anyone who has not played through these two very fun little events, make sure you check out the guides and give them a try before they disappear.

In WoW news this week, we looked at a stock evaluation of Blizzard's parent company thinking about games as big business. We also linked into the new Troll and Worgen Druid forms. Lastly, we of course covered the new Alliance and Horde events to retake the Gnome and Troll homelands as covered above.

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Featured Content:

Sure professions may not seem like the most exciting thing in game. In fact most players dread leveling or even using their professions, and tend to avoid them like the plague. However the changes that can be seen in Cataclysm including a new title, skill cap, and tons of fun new items are enough to get even the most jaded player excited. Join us here at Ten Ton Hammer as we share with you some of the changes that can currently be found in Cataclysm Beta.

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Cataclysm Preview: The Stonecore

With the Cataclysm Beta in full swing, one of the best features is all the new places to explore. For many players the best areas to explore are the various new instances. One of those instances is the Stonecore, located in the earthen realm of Deepholm. It’s an old school type instance that is made up of natural tunnels through the earth. Join Byron “Messiah” Mudry as he explores this instance.

Cataclysm: Azshara Preview

Azshara, once an untamed wilderness, has now become the new home of the Goblin race thanks to the prejudices of the new Warchief Garrosh. What have the Goblins done with the new place they call home? Will Azshara meet the same fate as the Goblin’s last home? Join us as we take you on a journey through Azshara to answer all these questions and more!


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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