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This past week the on the Ten Ton Hammer network we looked at a bunch of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm content. We started the week off with an in-depth look at the new Blackrock Caverns instance, where we all get to visit one of our original WoW favourite places Blackrock. Next up we examined the differences that are pending for both the Western Plaguelands and Thunder Bluff. We then finished the week off with an examination of the pending Warrior talents. Overall a pretty exciting week around the network.

Don't forget as well, that above and beyond World of Warcraft there was a lot going on with the recent release of StarCraft 2 so check out all the info on it as well. Remember, The Overpull is your one stop shop to find out what went on last week, and every week, so sign up now!

Again this week, WoW news was pretty quite, with some of the only big news being a developer Q&A covering the changes coming to the Southern Barrens. Maybe everyone is still too busy in the Cataclysm Beta and Starcraft 2? I know I am.

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Featured Content:

Blackrock Mountain is a location that holds a little piece of all original World of Warcraft players’ hearts. Whether it is a place of loathing or love, it’s there. Blackrock Mountain was one of the busiest places in World of Warcraft before expansions due to it housing three instances and two raids. Now, years later, we get a chance to return to the mountain to explore yet another instance that will be unlocked there when Cataclysm is released, this one is called Blackrock Caverns.

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New Warrior Talents

Warriors are undergoing substantial changes in Cataclysm that may radically alter their playstyles. Here is the the latest info on talents and analysis on what's changing and how it affects you.

The general theme for Arms is an increased amount of options in terms of ability use. Overpower will remain the mainstay ability for the spec, and with pummel potentially being active in Battle Stance the class will be a force to be reckoned with.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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