Dragon’s Prophet Screenshots Showcase Wintertide Update

New screenshots highlight the Accursed Tower dungeon in Dragon’s Prophet’s Wintertide update coming later this month.

Let’s add another piece of content to the growing pile of MMOG releases that will usurp your free time this summer with Dragon’s Prophet’s Wintertide update coming within the next two weeks according to SOE. The update will add the new ice-laden zone of Wintertide, new public quests, zone achievements, a level cap boost to 70, four new dungeons, guild bank storage, and more. While the exact release date wasn’t revealed by SOE, you can probably expect to see Wintertide launch on or around July 17th, 2013.

In the meantime, have a look at the Wintertide gameplay video featuring Dragon's Prophet Senior producer Todd "Tanthor" Carson and Associate Producer Rod "Dartok" Haza along with a batch of new screenshots below.

Source: SOE Press Release, Wintertide Announcement

Dragon's-Prophet-Wintertide-01 Dragon's-Prophet-Wintertide-03 Dragon's-Prophet-Wintertide-02
Dragon's-Prophet-Wintertide-04 Dragon's-Prophet-Wintertide-05 Dragon's-Prophet-Wintertide-06
Dragon's-Prophet-Wintertide-07 Dragon's-Prophet-Wintertide-08 Dragon's-Prophet-Wintertide-09
Dragon's-Prophet-Wintertide-10 Dragon's-Prophet-Wintertide-11 Dragon's-Prophet-Wintertide-12
Dragon's-Prophet-Wintertide-13 Dragon's-Prophet-Wintertide-14
Dragon's-Prophet-Intrepid-Corsair-Armor-Set Dragon's-Prophet-Seraph-Weapon-Set

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