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The Inferno Expansion (EVE Online Guide)

Posted Tue, May 15, 2012 by Space Junkie

The next expansion for EVE Online has almost arrived. Inferno will arrive on the 22nd of this month, boasting some huge game changers for EVE pilots old and young alike. Like all expansions for EVE Online, Inferno is free. Read on to find out more!

eve online guide inferno expansion

Graphics Update

One of EVE Online's main assets in the MMO industry is that it has consistently updated graphics and graphical systems. While other big-name games have aged less gracefully, EVE has remained one of the most gorgeous games in general.

Even Gamers that might not particularly enjoy the space-based science fiction genre or the hardcore nature of EVE's meta-game can still appreciate how cool the ships and solar system environments look. This expansion continues that tradition by upgrading and fine-tuning the appearance of most of the ships associated with the Amarr race. Since their ships arguably look the coolest to begin with, this can only increase EVE Online's wow factor.

Missile Launchers

One omission in EVE Online's otherwise impressive graphical repertoire is the lack of external missile bays. Ships have beautiful, totally cool turrets, but missiles are fired from what amounts to holes in a ship hull. It's boring, and totally inconsistent with EVE's general standard of artistic excellence. Well, no longer.

The Inferno expansion will feature actual turret bays, with new and improved missile graphics, smoke trailers, movement graphics, and most importantly, explosions. Since Caldari missile ships are generally the most popular path of progression for new players, with the Drake holding particular appeal to newbies and veterans alike, this was definitely a wise place for CCP's art department to focus their efforts. I am particularly looking forward to seeing what happens when massive Drake fleets attack each other at once, with time dilation running. It's going to be like taking a bath, except instead of water there are explosions.

War System Overhaul

We are told that this theme of this year's EVE Online expansions is war. It is therefore fitting that the war declaration system, one of the oldest game mechanics in EVE, is getting a huge makeover. Everything is getting looked at, from the cost of war, to how they are prosecuted, to who can participate, and otherwise entirely revitalize what amounts to most players' first experience with PvP.

As things stand, war amounts to a convoluted snarl of often slap-shod game mechanics that, in tandem with similarly arcane high-sec space aggression rules, make PvP in high-sec experientially more complicated than in null-sec. That is not how it should be, especially since a bad war could potentially turn a new player off from EVE PvP, forever.

After this expansion, wars will have more defined beginnings and ends. There will also be more information about their progress available, in the form of kill and loss reports. The new EVE war system will also allow corporations to pull in allies or hire mercenaries to help fight their enemies, which it seems to me might have the delicious side effect of causing wars to spiral out of control into giant pan-high-sec World Wars. Still no total fix for corporation hopping, but I suppose Rome wasn't built in a day, either.

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