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Updated Thu, Jun 09, 2011 by B. de la Durantaye

Ten Ton Hammer E3 2011 Live Feed

So you've always wanted to go to E3. We understand. It's awesome. That's why we here at Ten Ton Hammer are committed to bringing you the coolest E3 2011 news as it happens. Follow us on this page as we update it live from the show floor. It will be almost be like you're there yourself - without expensive plane tickets or the need for a Press Pass.

Day Three - Thursday

11:37am PDT - B. de la Durantaye

Wow! I just got out of the Bethesda booth tour and I'm blown away. Let's just say Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is just awesome. It's a true sequel to the IP in the way that it is still able to maintain the feel of an Elder Scrolls game, but it adds so much more without compromising the good stuff from Oblivion. I scribbled notes furiously during the 30 minute demo which became quite tricky because I didn't want to take my eyes off the screen - it was that good. So I've got five pages of scratchings I'll need to find a decoder ring for before I write up that preview.

The coolest aspect of the game, to me, was the "shouts" mechanic. This works similar to magic, but as you progress through the world you find more runes, absorb dragon souls (yes, you fight LOTS of dragons in Skyrim) and unlock dragon-like abilities like fire breathing, stopping time and much more. All the while exploring a huge world of such incredible detail I felt a tear rolling down my cheek.

I can't wait to tell you more, but we will have to. I only have a few minutes to update this from my iPad before I have to get ready and head out to the next appointment.

I also saw Prey 2 and RAGE, which were both impressive as well. The Prey 2 demo started off like a standard shooter but quickly demonstrated it was so much more. Breaking away from the linearity of the first Prey game, Prey 2 offers a much more open world and leaves the player with choices as to what missions they want to do and how they want to interact with the world and its inhabitants. The good-hearted may opt to choose to rescue a bloke being beat on by a gang while the more evil-inclined may find innocent citizens to push off bridges. The choice is up to the player and there are plenty of cool weapons and abilities that make the game promising.

A bit of hands-on with RAGE left me wanting more too. The interface was very simple to pick up and just play, particularly for anyone who's played through Borderlands. The artistic direction of the game is much more defined making for an incredibly high level of visual allure. It's tough to make a wasteland universe "pretty" and while that's not necessarily the best word to use for the visual appeal, it certainly is an attractive and smooth-playing game.

Out of time for now! But we'll be back a bit later after we visit APB, Perfect World, UTV, gamigo, Torchlight II, World of Tanks and Gameforge and Frogster.

Our last day here is flying by already, but boy do we have a lot coming for you. Be sure to check out the other articles we've been able to post at our E3 2011 Portal Page.

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