Firefly Universe Online Trailer Aims to Misbehave

Posted Mon, Apr 02, 2012 by Martuk

The Firefly television series was cancelled in 2003 after only making 14 episodes and later one movie titled Serenity, but the series has developed a really loyal following of fans, who to this day would like to see the series continue. Unfortunately, that isn’t likely to happen, but another band of Firefly fans at developer DarkCryo set off to create a beast of a different sort.

Last June we received a tip that DarkCryo had begun development on a Firefly-based MMORPG titled Firefly Universe Online. While not an officially licensed title, the developers are proceeding with development of the game citing “fair use.” Whether they pursue a licensing agreement with Fox later or may face potential roadblocks due to that in the future in anyone’s guess, but for now, development continues.

Firefly Universe Online is expected to release in December 2012. Limited alpha testing is now underway and the first Firefly Universe Online trailer was recently revealed. Give it a look after the break and tell us what you think in the comments below.

I threw money at the screen but nothing happened.....

As much as I love Firefly and Whedon, this is doomed to failure if they haven't worked out some sort of a deal with Fox that we just haven't heard about.

All they need to do is say "we'll give you a nice juicy cut if we ever actually manage to make this darn thing return any money. If you want to be more involved, door is always open."

It's a no brainer that they have massive IP issues without consent to use various things, but given Fox canned the series and never funded a sequel to the movie, there certainly is scope for arguing fair use. Besides, not like the game devs could not (very properly) come up with a game that looks right, feels right, and is a ton of fun, but which does not actually impinge the IP. Fox does not own the concept of a motley bunch of cowboys in space, indeed the first time I ever saw Firefly the fist thing that came to my mind was "OMG it's a Traveller game!".

It'll never happen.


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