Game Update #6 Patch Notes - The Old Timer's Edition

Isle of Dawn

The Isle of Dawn was separated from the continent
of Kojan during the cataclysm. A village of battle hardened humans and
a band of zealot hobgoblins have warred against each other for
centuries on the Isle. Their mutual hatred for one another runs deep
and even now they are locked in an ongoing struggle. Recently though,
increasing numbers of ulvari have begun to surface on the island - much
to the dismay of both the humans and the hobgoblins.

Weakened by their perpetual war, the humans aren't able to capably
defend themselves. Even now, their villages burn as they frantically
seek aid. The isle is in desperate need of heroes.

  • The Isle of Dawn is now available for new characters!
  • When creating a new character, you will now be presented
    with two options for your starting location. The Isle of Dawn will be
    one option, and the other option will be your selected Race's standard
    starting area.
  • PVP, Exchange Brokers, Death experience and tombstones are
    turned off on the Isle of Dawn.
  • Player levels have been capped at 10 on the Isle.


Character Model Revamp

Player character models in Vanguard have undergone
a bit of a revamp. Not only have they been optimized for better
performance but they have been given a new, updated look. The revamped
models are now capable of looking much more heroic and contain a lot
more personality. Worry not though, for those players who don't
necessarily want the heroic look, no customization options have gone
away. In fact, we are reintroducing lots of facial customization as

Class Damage

We have looked at and modified each class's damage capability, ensuring
that each lands in their correct place in the spectrum of classes. We
have looked at many things, from raid wide damage capacity to the
tank's ability to control aggo, to the weak DPS of some healers and DPS
classes. This was a relatively comprehensive pass to ensure that with
GU6 raid targets are still killable. While the effects of these changes
will primarily be felt at the highest end of the game, we are making
sure that all levels of players are still functional. There has been
extensive testing of these changes on the test server for the past
several weeks and we'd like to thank all those players who have sent in
testing logs - your efforts are greatly appreciated! For a more
comprehensive list of class changes and updates, please read the list

Bug Fixes

In an effort to make the launch of the Isle of Dawn
go as smoothly as possible, the Vanguard development team set aside a
good portion of time this update to fix as many existing bugs as
possible. We are pleased to announce that well over a thousand fixes
are included with this patch. While many of them may not be immediately
noticeable, we've included a more detailed list of those that are below.

Patch Notes

Vanguard Build 2152 Patch Notes 9/09/2008


  • Players now have an additional four character slots.
  • Admiral Chrykalis Primed bearing stance should now appear
    in the buff
  • Agent of Kronos should have proper body graphics now.
  • Avlour Sheenj should have the proper body now.
  • Azeeta Shaheen should no longer sell riftway shards.
  • Azimet Mehurr should now correctly spell his name.
  • All boss dropped recipes (outside of APW) should no longer
    be soulbound.
  • Bog Python stuck issue has been resolved.
  • Boiling Blood should no longer break stealth.
  • Borinn Darkshank should no longer show a sword icon when
    moused over.
  • Brock the Biomancer has finally settled on a gender.
  • Celestine Ward riftway is now labelled as 30 - 40.
  • Charbrook village should be labelled properly now.
  • Dordug should path correctly now.
  • Dreadbone Rider should no longer breath when dead.
  • Eastpoint housing chunk should now be labeled properly as
    an outpost.
  • Eidolon of Time should have a proper body graphic now.
  • Erthagon Drudge's name has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with the display of College of Infineum
    Studies and
    Research - Hall of Records.
  • Fixed animation issue with the quest "Solid Stone".
  • Fixed issue with Infineum mines where Yuni's Steps was
  • Fixed issue with Jen Lo's display.
  • Fixed issue with Kai Tak's display.
  • Fixed issue with Miner Quartzbard's appearance.
  • Fixed issue with stuck crows in Bordinar's Cleft.
  • Fixed pathing issue with Rhantik Surelock.
  • Fixed placement of Turim Bucks in Bordinar's Cleft.
  • Gnome racial ability Miner's Wit has been fixed to properly
    give 10
    finesse and has been changed to Miner's Style.
  • Gregan Blacque has had his dialogue updated and should now
  • Guard Jellis should be spending less time under the world
  • Guard Torran should have the proper mouseover now.
  • Gwartak Clan Club should now have the proper icon.
  • Half Elf crafting racial should now properly increase
    problem solving.
  • Harisotef Suikqo has had his name changed to Harisotef
  • Karrusian Aegis' name should now display correctly above
    his head.
  • Karrusian Claw should now display his name correctly.
  • Lin Jing the cleric instructor has finally arrived in House
    of Fallen
  • Martok Okami Handler should now have the correct mouseover.
  • Mature velok pathing should be better.
  • Milo Summerpeddle should be a little more talkative now.
  • Miner Forgeroar, Miner Hammerpike, Miner Brokengem, Miner
    Miner Darkvein should now all display properly.
  • Mitachi Waterstone should now only have valid dialogue
  • More creatures in the Seawatch Coast area are now able to
    be skinned.
  • Morig Ironbender should now sell weapons properly.
  • Mutated Dragonfly should be doing less underwater flying.
  • Freezing Touch: The description and the tooltip of the buff
    now match.
  • Orcs should start with the proper equipment now.
  • Pachugy Coast now has all the normal player housing
  • Particle display for the 3rd Talon griffon buff has been
  • Priori Larihnos should no longer be a floating head.
  • Priori Nykmaga should no longer be a floating head.
  • Private Narssis should have the proper mouseover now.
  • Raikil Windflower's hail text should read much better now.
  • Razorbeak should now animate when attacking. He has also
    lost some of
    his feathers in the process.
  • Reaper's Finesse should display the proper level now.
  • Rhyzopor should have less replication problems.
  • Ridge Prowlers in Bordinar's Cleft should no longer get
    stuck in rocks.
  • Rough Basilisk Claw should now have the proper icon.
  • Sekamqa Haqiqat should no longer sit on an invisible chair.
  • Shidreth trading company has been renamed to Shidreth
    Mining Company as
    it was always meant to be.
  • Some higher level harvesting resources have been removed
  • Sorion Arachnids should do less tree climbing now.
  • Spirit of Entrapment should attack properly now.
  • Spirit of Iggiri has found the rest of his body.
  • Surveyor Bereth should now have a proper body.
  • The effect "Blessing of Might" now has a description.
  • Trainee Slatebeard should no longer pop into the ground.
  • Tuatiren Hunters should now award faction.
  • Vesmo should now have the proper mouseover icon.
  • Watlun Uebatix should display correctly now.
  • Weaver Jekaqie should now properly respond to questions
    about clergy
  • Wood Elf bard starting sets have been fixed.
  • Pets are now able to start combat with a special attack.
  • Player summoning spells are now working outside of 30m.
  • Fix for Recall to House: Camping out immediately no longer
    resets the
    refresh timer for the Ability Recall to House.
  • The furniture item "Silkbloom Kojani Pillow" should now
  • "The Good" title should now be a post title.
  • A spelling error in the item "Vothdar Priest Shoulder
    Satchel" has been
  • A text error in one of To Re the Spiritseer's parleys has
    been fixed.
  • A text error in Shui Redwine's ambient dialogue has been
  • A text error in the parley for "A New Wife for Omid" has
  • A text error in the quest "Earth Den Investigation" has
    been fixed.
  • A typo in a parley for the quest "Reclaimer" has been fixed.
  • A typo in one of the actions for the Granite Carving recipe
    has been
  • A typo in one of the Soldier civic parleys on the Isle of
    Dawn has been
  • A typo in Shui Redwine's dialogue has been fixed.
  • A typo in the "Outpost Work" quest has been fixed.
  • A typo in the description for the item "Rented Merchant's
    House" has
    been fixed.
  • A typo in the quest "History of Elani" has been fixed.



  • Altered the range display on the descriptions of several
    abilities to clarify the 40m max range of bard songs.
  • Hinder I
    - Fixed a display issue that made it seem as though the first version
    of this ability was vastly better than the rest of the line.
  • Shatter the
    - This attack now deals 350% weapon damage.
  • Cleave the
    - This attack now deals 300% weapon damage.
  • Hewing the
    - This attack now deals 300% weapon damage.
  • Dance of the
    - Reduced the maximum damage bonus to 20%.


  • Cleansing
    - The effects of this symbiote will no longer be
    stripped by the Monk's meditation ability. 


  • Armor of Faith
    - This ability, in addition to its previous effects, restores energy
    every 6 seconds.
  • Favor of
    Vothdar, Favor of Vaelion
    - Reduced refresh time on these
    to 5 minutes and they no longer incur global recovery.
  • Gift of Ardor
    - Decreased the maximum damage bonus ofthis ability to 10% and lowered
    its duration to 12 seconds. Range has been increased to 30m and it no
    longer incurs global recovery.
  • Divine Light
    - Lowered the refresh time to 10 seconds and increased the size of the
  • New Spell -
    has been added to trainers at level 50. This
    is a very large heal with an instant cast time and an 8 second refresh
    time. It also has 100% diminishing returns for 6 seconds.


  • Touch of Woe
    now has damage values in its tool tip.
  • Increased the damage on all versions of style="font-weight: bold;">Touch of Woe.
  • Fleeting Feet
    now makes you immune to movement debuffs for its duration.
  • Fleeting Feet
    now has a 45 second refresh.
  • Fleeting Feet
    now costs 15 endurance.
  • Paralyzing
    and Paralyzing
    now change the appearance of those affected.
  • Paralyzing
    now adds a 100% chance on hit to stun your attacker
    for 15 seconds or 1 hit. This effect lasts for 10 seconds.
  • Increased the damage dealt by style="font-weight: bold;">Kiss of Torment.
  • Awakening
    now has a 3 second cast time.
  • Ra'Jin Flare
    now costs 3 Jin.
  • Ra'Jin Flare
    is no longer a spell, it is a ranged attack that requires shuriken.
  • Removed the refresh timer on style="font-weight: bold;">Ra'Jin Flare.
  • Endowment of
    now lasts 10 minutes.
  • Introduced new ability line at level 18 called style="font-weight: bold;">Meditate.
  • Introduced new ability line at level 10 called style="font-weight: bold;">Inner Light. Inner
    Light contains components from all previous Harmonious Bonds.
  • Removed the Gift
    of Anguish
    Gift of Vitae
    and Sage's
    ability lines.
  • Reworked Endowment
    of Balance
    to have Jin regeneration instead of a damage
  • Removed the Jin regeneration from the style="font-weight: bold;">Immortal Jade Dragon Form.
  • Removed the spell mitigation portion of the style="font-weight: bold;">Immortal Jade Dragon
    combat form.
  • Added a new passive ability called style="font-weight: bold;">Transcendence at
    level 10. Transcendence grants 15% spell mitigation.
  • Endowment of
    now lasts 10 minutes.
  • Immortal Jade
    now has an added bonus. Whenever you are in this
    stance Kiss of Heaven and Blessed Wind will have an instant healing
    effect added.
  • Added a 6 second refresh to style="font-weight: bold;">Blessed Wind.
  • Kiss of Heaven
    is now defensive targeted.
  • The healing portion of Kiss
    of Heaven
    has been upgraded in effectiveness.
  • Kiss of Heaven
    now lasts 32 seconds.
  • Kiss of Heaven
    is no longer a Harmonious Bond.
  • Kiss of Heaven
    now costs 4 Jin.
  • Purity
    now lasts for 2 minutes and has a refresh of 90 seconds.
  • Purity
    now costs 5 Jin.
  • Purity
    now increases healing on your target by 300.
  • Purity
    now has a range of 25m.
  • Falling Petal
    and White Lotus Strike
    are now caster group targeted.
  • Inner Focus
    now can be cast on multiple targets, is no longer a bond and lasts for
    5 minutes.


  • Backlash
    no longer incurs global recovery.
  • Lowered refresh on Bane
    down to 3 minutes.
  • Lowered Hatred
    refresh to 10 minutes.
  • Bane
    no longer lowers Dreadful Countenance.


  • Errant Strikes
    - Duration lowered to 12 sec.
  • Withering Palm
    - Increased damage to 150% weapon damage.
  • Iron Hand
    - This ability is now called Iron Resolve. It
    adds the damage as before, but also increases intelligence.
  • Drunken Sway
    - A mitigation bonus has been added and the
    hatred generated by all attacks is increased by 25%.
  • Drunken Fist
    - Reduced the damage bonus of this form.
    The new bonuses is 12%, 14%, 16%. Also reduced the mitigation penalty.
    New penalties are -4%, -3%, -2%.
  • Storm Dragon
    - Reduced the damage bonus of this form.
    The new bonuses is 14%, 16%, 18%. Also reduced the mitigation penalty.
    New penalties are -5%, -4%, -3%.
  • Jin Surge
    - The cost of this ability has been lowered to 4
    jin and the duration has been increased to 3 attacks.
  • Crescent Kick
    - Increased the refresh to 12 seconds.
  • Staggering
    - This attack has been changed. It now
    deals melee damage plus a large scaling amount. It costs 20 endurance
    and it now incurs global recovery and has a 10 second refresh.
  • Ashen Hand
    - This ability now deals 200% weapon damage plus
    a scaling amount. It now costs 6 Jin to activate.
  • Secret of
    - Proc rate has been reduced to 25%.


  • Life Draught -
    Ability now heals player character when not in a group.
  • New Ability -
    Bane of Heaven
    has been added to trainers at level 50.
    This is an extremely powerful DoT that also increases the damage that
    your abomination deals to the target. This spell is only usable on
    targets level 53 and up.
  • Grasp of the
    - This spell now has a 2 sec cast time.
  • Plague of
    - This spell now has a 2 sec cast time.


  • Blade of Vol
    Anari I
    - This attack will no do the correct amount of
  • Champion's
    - The strength buff portion of this ability will
    once again stack with Maul of the Gods.
  • Devout Foeman
    - Fixed a bug that caused the use of one rank of this
    ability to not cause the remainder of the line to refresh. Now, using
    any rank of this ability will cause the entire line to refresh.
  • Strike of
    - Shield of Gloriann will now display a correct
    cast message.
  • Strike of
    - This ability's description now details the
    correct amount of armor increase.
  • Sunburst
    - This ability now correctly affects Fiendish targets.


  • Thought Pulse
    - This spell no longer deals damage to you and no longer increases in
    power the more it is cast. Its base damage and cirtical hit chance has
    been increased and at 6 second refresh has been added.


  • Lowered the weapon damage on style="font-weight: bold;">Blade of the Equinox
    and Blade of the Solstice
    to 350%.


  • Cleared up some ability activation text issues.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with level requirement display
    and Scroll
    passive abilities.
  • Elusive Foe
    - Has been changed. This form is now called
    Devious Foe. This form increases damage by 8%, dodge chance by 5% and
    adds 10% refresh timer haste. In addition, while in this form your
    Deadly and Vicious Strike will deal additional damage.
  • Stalking
    - Consuming Druid berries will no longer break your
  • Quickblade
    - Now lasts 8 seconds and has a much lowered
    energy cost.
  • Assassin's
    - This ability is now called Assassin's
    Guile. It now grants your group up to 8% bonus damage and 5% critical
    hit chance.
  • Stalking
    - Bonus damage from this ability now hasa maximum
    cap of 15%.
  • Shank/Shiv
    - A 20 second refresh has been added to these
  • Eviscerate
    - Lowered endurance cost by 4.


  • Aegis of Life
    - This heal now has a large instant portion in addition to the reactive
    portion. Cast time has been lowered to 2 seconds and a 10 second
    refresh has been added. Reactive heal portion has been increased to
    1200 and lasts for 10 seconds or until 4800 health has been healed.


  • Quartz Focus
    will now strip previous focus buffs.
  • Lowered the cast time of all versions of style="font-weight: bold;">Taqmir's
    Barrage to 2 seconds.


  • All warriors should now start with two weapons.
  • Grim
    - The description for this ability has been
    altered to make it more clear that if you use the ability and then
    change forms the ability will stop working.
  • Ironfoe
    - This ability will now protect against Palpenipe's Oblivion Shot
    ability. This ability should now say that it is instant activate.
  • Mountainous
    - Should now say that it is instant activate.
  • Pommel Smash
    - This ability now deals the correct amount of damage
    and adds the correct amount of hate.
  • Warden's
    - This ability will now animate correctly.
  • Enrage
    - The health condition has been removed from this ability allowing it
    to be used at any time. It now lasts 18 seconds and has a maximum
    damage bonus of 20%.



  • Anvils should now have a more appropriate icon.

  • Architect's Apron should no longer drop from blacksmith
    work orders.

  • Bordinar's Cleft miner's should be wielding the proper
    tools now.

  • Cliffstrider Troll should drop the proper tier harvestable

  • Crafted resource bags should now show up under harvesting
    container on the exchange.

  • Carvings of Alacrity will no longer decrease spell haste
    by 95%. They will instead increase spell haste by 5% as intended.

  • Healthy Necklaces of Countering have had their stats
    adjusted so that they actually have Countering bonuses.

  • Items with the Blessing of Might buff will now correctly
    give Wisdom when the proc is successful.

  • Items with the effect Blessing of Might have had more
    information added to their Equipped Effect's description.

  • Items with the Gift of Might equipped effect have had the
    description updated to the correct duration on the ability. It was
    always 30 seconds, but the description said it only lasted for 20
    seconds. Now these match at 30 seconds.

  • Kojani style Flawless Warding Robes should now display as
    Robes rather than Tunics.

  • Dranin Silverbeard should properly display assembly
    recipes now.

  • Fixed placement of assembly table in Bordinar's Cleft.

  • Orc crafting racial should properly give finesse now.

  • The blacksmith forge in the Tentree's Farmstead has
    shifted position and should no longer be floating.

  • The chandelier work order item has had its icon updated.

  • The harvesting instructor on the Isle of Dawn should no
    longer offer an invalid training option.


  • Head Informants for the Lamplighters have arrived in New
    Targonor, Ahgram, and Tawar Galan. They offer an array of rewards in
    exchange for unequalled information.
  • Diplomats at levels 10, 30, and 50 can pick Signature
    Statements to further customize their decks. Visit your local Diplomacy
    Instructor for more details.
  • Diplomacy Instructors should now offer a selection of basic
    statements for sale.
  • Traders are now looking for diplomats who want to make some
    extra coin! They need talented negotiators to move goods. See Renny in
    New Targonor, Lura in Ahgram, or Nakiro in Tawar Galan for details.
  • Basic starting Statements for diplomats have been updated.
    Characters now start with a basic set of universal Statements as well
    as one unique racial Statement and one unique class Statement.
  • Collecting taxes is now more profitable.
  • Presence requirement values have been lowered for most
    parleys. This should help eliminate the problems with players getting
    stuck on basic quest lines due to not having enough of the correct type
    of presence.
  • Many NPCs available for Civic Diplomacy now have updated
    decks. They have a Strategy progression identical to players, giving
    them more cards to access in a parley. This change gives the NPCs more
    variety in their parleys and will make them harder to predict.
  • Civic Diplomacy parley experience has been increased.
  • Topaz Blade will now correctly fit in to diplomacy



  • Fixed an issue with a Var Guardian floating in the air.
  • Gatrik Qoj is no longer a floating head.
  • Hajir Thoun is no longer a floating head.
  • Krovax Threxva is no longer a floating head.
  • Oloq Foulqoth is no longer a floating head.
  • Rezo Xylorn is no longer a floating head.
  • Tharuz Draxen is no longer a floating head.
  • Vazayen Zexthal is no longer a floating head.


  • Fixed a grammar issue wtih Irri Al-Doleh's hail text.
  • Fixed a grammatical error in Shakan Rebandars dialogue.
  • Hushang Kordiyeh is no longer standing on top of his tent.
  • Ju Mai is no longer just a floating head.
  • Prophet of Vaelion will once again kill you if you fail his
  • Kedjeh Devari is no longer a floating head.

Port Warehouse

  • Many of the "living" population are no longer immune to
    Soul Blight. Cast away happy necros!


  • Fixed a pathing issue with a Pygmy Cave Bat.
  • Removed a Gwartak Scavenger from inside a rock.
  • Adjusted the pathing for Lieutenant Garrith Goldforge.

Coterie Infineum

  • Alakrus Dei is no longer a floating head.
  • Fixed a typo in Recruiter Trevorak's dialogue.
  • Fixed a typo in Scholar Donovan's title.
  • Infineum Soul Shard's are now attackable.
  • Fixed a typo in Smith Of'Barba's title.

of Ghelgad

  • All 'Ksaravi Scorpiontamer' NPC's are now known as 'Ksaravi
    Scorpion Tamer'.
  • Subjugated Mekalian Citizens are no longer just floating


  • A housing escrow merchant, banker, and Exchange Broker have
    all been added to Conner's Retreat.


  • Removed some Kranoxian Slammers from inside a rock.
  • Zyfuurnal Priests are longer clipping into the ground while
  • The Lesser Shrines - The ritual at the Shrine of the
    Tempest will now reset properly if not completed in time.


  • Removed a lion from inside a rock.


  • Removed a Rockhide Runt from inside a rock.
  • Fon Cogswin's dialogue should respond faster.


  • Frostwing Claws will now 'fly' in the air instead of 'walk'.
  • Jargar, Servant of Torkald is no longer a floating head.


  • Planted a sign that was floating in the air.


  • Removed a Mud Croaker from inside a rock.


  • Anuub Karu is no longer a floating head.
  • Fixed a few pathing issues with some Voracious Sandcrawlers.
  • Priori Drathar is no longer a floating head.


  • Hulking Abhorrent's Destroying Hit will no longer reduce AC
    by 100% and will now reduce AC by 20% as intended.


  • The crafting outpost now gives rest exp.


  • Beggar Jaineen is no longer a floating head.
  • Beggar Jorkaye is no longer a floating head.
  • Beggar Karmala is no longer a floating head.
  • Fixed an issue with Guard Tarra's hail text.
  • Karibeth Mishra now responds to hails.
  • Nora Sabiri is no longer a floating head.
  • The 'Bank of Khal' sign has been re-placed properly.
  • Verihn Stonecaller is no longer a floating head.


  • The Reef Sharks are now swimming instead of crawling
    halfway in the bottom floor of the ocean.


  • A horse was missing it's tail and he grew a new one!
  • Fixed a typo in Guardian Draenas' dialogue.
  • Removed a Bilescale Cockatrice from inside a rock.


  • Engath Varnan is no longer a floating head.
  • The Haekemish Sentries no longer appear as floating heads.
  • As'trida Kanoj is no longer standing on a fence.
  • Basi Fulan is no longer a floating head.
  • Basi Fulan's appearance has been fixed.
  • Horsethief Raiders no longer appear as floating heads.
  • Prince Hazzan is no longer a floating head.
  • Quojor Wulner is no longer a floating head.
  • Sara Kordin is no longer a floating head.
  • Wulg Lakniv is no longer a floating head.


  • Warseer Fezzik's questionaire is working again.


  • Agent Odapep is no longer a floating head.
  • Constable Janicht should no longer get stuck in the floor.
  • Dijok Hokon is no longer a floating head.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not target Apprentice
    Xadalen using the mouse only.


  • Fixed an error in a signpost that was pointing to New
    Targonor. It now points to Silverlake as intended.
  • Vulshar Soilpurge now has a pickaxe in her hands as


  • Fay will no longer randomly appear as a pair of yellow eyes.
  • Crafty Carla and the forge she stood by have been moved to
    rear of a nearby tent.
  • General Goods Vendor, Harney Goodman, will now offer to
    repair your gear.
  • Guard Taylor will now use her crossbow properly when she
    wields it.
  • Mornir Singello no longer has a distorted figure.
  • Valentina Ryan is no longer sitting on an invisible chair.
  • Reeve Gromwell no longer paths the room he is in.


  • Fixed an error in Spirit of Thorlin's dialogue tree.


  • The Guardians of Pankor decided to stretch their wings and

of Anguish

  • Fixed some pathing issues with a few Lesser Cartheon


  • Fixed some typos in Constable Xyxell's dialogue.


  • Oracle Event:
    When picking up an essence, it will no longer disappear if you cancel
    the action.


  • Belinii Neulstoz is no longer a floating head.
  • Huldhar Shihebi is no longer standing on his tent.
  • The scorpions at the bottom of the lake have evolved into
    angry fish.


  • Fixed a grammatical error in Guard Watts' hail text.
  • Raldien Culmadier is no longer attackable.
  • Removed a Rekk Excavator from within a rock.


  • Dhelas is no longer running at the speed of sound.

of Trengal Keep

  • Karujin Gulgrethor's event is working again.
  • Several NPCs with bad pathing have been corrected.

of the Flame

  • A Grasslands Bear was removed from within some rocks.
  • Ashendreg Hunters now hold and use their bows properly.


  • Fixed a grammatical error in Protector Gallad's hail text.
  • Trenna Kashers has been rooted in place.

of the Ancients

  • Fixed several pathing issues with Pyremaw Lioness'.


  • One of the Xenn Chaotics should no longer be stuck.


  • Imperial Scout Pin Sho will now use his crossbow as a
    ranged weapon instead of a melee weapon.
  • Ko Fan Bladesong's path has been slightly adjusted.
  • Orimaki Kaniu is no longer a floating head.
  • Several of the Lao'Jin Warriors should not get stuck in
    walls anymore.
  • Added a shaman trainer to Tanvu.


  • Telqo Sanedidjeh is no longer a floating head.
  • Ovadaco Modisu's face should no longer be distorted.


  • Fixed an issue with Sailor Janeth's pathing.
  • Kobo Ironclub is no longer floating in the air.
  • Warden Allegran is no longer floating.


  • Removed a Living Stoneflux from within a rock.

of Lord Tsang

  • The bindstone has been restored and moved near Lotus Hold.


  • Fixed a typo in Nayib Al'Kalee's dialogue.
  • Guardians of the Muse (Kall'Raa, the Dark Muse) will no
    longer continually spawn once Kall'Raa is dead.


  • Fixed a typo in Volotin's Workshop and Foundry sign.


  • Tahreen will no longer wander the camp.

of Heroes

  • Fixed an issue with a Rockgazer pathing through rocks.
  • Thane of Torsheim is no longer a floating head.
  • A griffon chick was removed from inside some rocks.


  • Geenback Spiders are now known as Greenback Spiders
  • The dungeon Jade Depths has been rebalanced as a solo or
    two person group dungeon. Drop rates on rare items have been increased.
    Some items have received extra attention.
  • The dungeon Achlatan Spider Caves has been rebalanced for
    groups of four to five. Drop rates on rare items have been increased.
    Some items have received extra attention.
  • The difficulty of bosses in the Achlatan Spider Caves has
    been increased. Groups of four should have a reasonable challenge.
  • The Cleric and Druid trainers are now easier to locate.
  • The Telon Global Exchange and a Thestran Banker are now


  • Apostle's
    has had its stats adjusted.

  • Bow of the
    should now work correctly with ranged

  • Brainfreeze
    is now properly labelled as a focus item.

  • Carmellia
    should now be flagged as quest.

  • Cloaks of
    should have the proper stats now.

  • Coarse
    should now have the proper icon.

  • Crude
    Reinforced Weighted Piercing Shuriken
    should now
    properly be
    labeled as Crude - Reinforced Light Piercing Shuriken.

  • Crusader's
    has had its stats adjusted.

  • Darkblade
    should now look like a sword.

  • Darkwood Bow
    should have the proper classes listed on it

  • Griffon
    Watch Insignia
    should no longer cancel the
    Harmonious Body
    Stance buff when equipped.

  • Branch of
    now stacks up to 20 at a time.

  • Drape of
    should now correctly add damage to all

  • Earthstar
    appropriately looks like a two-hander

  • Fevered
    Pauldrons of Ambition
    has been renamed to Fevered
    Reinforcements of Ambition. The item has always been a Reinforcement.

  • Fother's
    Ancient Port
    now explains what it will do in the

  • Fresh Fish
    now regenerates a proper amount of health and

  • Hassan's
    Focal Sword
    has changed. The proc now triggers
    for the next
    attack only.

  • Hyper-Cloth
    description has been changed to reflect
    the cloak's
    existing power.

  • Kormstu's
    Jeweled Warhammer
    now looks like a Warhammer
    instead of a

  • Mara's Kiss will
    now proc appropriately, granting group
    within 25 meters the appropriate bonuses.

  • Meteoric
    Blade of Rending
    will now have a red colored
    Previously it was showing up as gray or white.

  • Numerous items that increased style="font-weight: bold;">Endurance

    have had
    that stat
    If you find an item that does not require at least level 48 with
    Endurance on the item, please report it.

  • Ring of
    activated ability now works at the
    same level
    that is required to equip the item.

  • Several "Pantaloons"
    from Ancient Port Warehouse have been
    renamed to
    "Kilts" to fit the look of the armor.

  • The attached effects on style="font-weight: bold;">Bulky Heart of Fire

    and Bulky
    Heart of
    have had their names swapped. The effects
    have remained
    the same, but the names have been corrected to match the name of the
    item that they are on.

  • The Butcher's
    can now be equipped with the /wear

  • The Gnomish crystal "Prism
    of Retaliation
    " will now buff
    your party
    members as was originally intended.

  • Warbow of
    Ancient Evil
    should once again proc at any
    normal range.
    The proc will now also generate a message indicating how much life was

  • Xenocite
    Cloaking Bracelet
    has had its cooldown added to
    the item
    description. The cooldown on the item has been reduced from 25 minutes
    to 20 minutes.

  • Anhak's
    Right Wing
    has had its reuse timer lowered from 15
    minutes to
    2 minutes. The item claimed to enable your next spell as instant cast,
    but it never did. The description is updated to read that it lowers
    your next spell's cast time by 30%.

  • Tiny
    have had a refresh timer added to their
    There was already a 60 second refresh, but now the description says so.

  • Siren's Kiss
    should only have one description now.

  • Priest's
    now has stats.

  • Tattered
    Mystic Robe
    should now have the proper icon.

  • The description for the item " style="font-weight: bold;">Zewg's Shield

    " is
    now fixed.

  • The item "Ancient
    " should no longer be equippable as
    a cloak.

  • The item "Blessed
    " had a typo in its description

  • The item "Card
    of the Skawlra
    " has had a typo fixed in its

  • The item "Channeler
    " now has the correct icon.

  • The item "Crossbow
    of the Redcaps
    " now has a sell price.

  • The item "Fae
    Dust Robe
    " now has the correct icon.

  • The item "Precision
    Throwing Hammer
    " should now have its
    name spelled

  • The item "Robe
    of Desert Suns
    " now has the correct icon.

  • Xenocite Cape:
    The reuse timer has been set to 20 min.

  • Lokke's
    Blade of Malice
    : The Lesser Rage of Ghalnn ability
    has been
    fixed, as it never worked before. In addition, this effect has been
    modified to only work on targets level 50 and below.

  • Lokke's
    Greataxe of Hatred
    : The Lesser Rage of Ghalnn
    ability has
    been fixed, as it never worked before. In addition, this effect has
    been modified to only work on targets level 50 and below.


  • Abandoning the quest
    "Outpost Work"
    will now take the quest materials away.
  • style="font-weight: bold;">Practice Thestran
    Caravel Rudders
    will now stack up to 5 at a time.
  • style="font-weight: bold;">Heart of Clay: Fixed
    grammatical error in the reward text.
  • style="font-weight: bold;">Ancient Weapons of Leth
    - The location for Thorian Glowban has been
  • style="font-weight: bold;">Assist the
    -You must now complete Spiritblossom Harvest,
    Training and The Broken fang Threat before this quest becomes available.
  • style="font-weight: bold;">By Night -
    the source behind Tremean Farm for Grelrin Tremean will now work at
    night as it was intended.
  •   style="font-weight: bold;">Divide and
    - Now offers Heirloom Blessed Mace as a reward.
  • style="font-weight: bold;">Faith in Jin - This
    will be offered my Master Garu again if you accidently closed the
    window before accepting.
  • style="font-weight: bold;">Fly the Friend Skies
    - This quest was removed from certain creature
    handlers in cities with
    multiple races. Each city will now offer the quest from one creature
    handler. If you belong to a city with multiple races, see the following
    NPC for the quest: Ca'ial Brae,  Moonlite,
    Starwatcher - Halgarad, Ogrin Ghuu - Khal, Casemin Rafdul - Lomshir,
    Xyrix Mangvir, Martok - Mardirk Hogdumfar, Tanvu - Xous Comir,
    Hillshadow -
    Svartr Rugtvedt will offer the quest properly again.
  • style="font-weight: bold;">Martok's Past - You
    fill your mug of ale properly again.
  • style="font-weight: bold;">Missive: TASK: Jump the
    - Knights of Kaon will now update the quest properly.
  • style="font-weight: bold;">Protecting Misthaven
    Zihurr Legionnaires The kill requirement has been reduced to 20. Also,
    the summary text now reminds you to return to Timon Mooren when done.
  • style="font-weight: bold;">Pulling Teeth - This
    quest is now properly flagged as a group quest instead of solo.
  • style="font-weight: bold;">Put Farmer John to Rest
    This quest now has potion rewards.
  • style="font-weight: bold;">Closing the Portal -
    Fixed a typo in the summary.
  • style="font-weight: bold;">Relic of Courage -
    drop for this quest has been converted over to the multi-loot system.
  • style="font-weight: bold;">Relic of Honor - The
    for this quest has been converted over to the multi-loot system.
  • style="font-weight: bold;">Relic of Wisdom -
    drop for this quest has been converted over to the multi-loot system.
  • style="font-weight: bold;">Return a Borrowed
    - A location for Ryldrak Kiltlar has been added.
  • style="font-weight: bold;">Rising In Ranks -
    Fighters are now required to complete style="font-weight: bold;">Moving On Up before
    this quest
    becomes available to them.
  • style="font-weight: bold;">Seeds of Power -
    the word 'Come' to 'Came'.
  • style="font-weight: bold;"> Test of Will
    - The event to test your will is working again.
  • style="font-weight: bold;">The Time Has Come -
    Fixed the issue where if you abandoned Part 2 of the quest, you could
    not re-accept it. Also, added a trigger to Bujeju Stylcra to resummon
    the Khelium Firespine Hatchling so you do not have to abandon the quest
    and re-accept it to get it back.
  • The quest " style="font-weight: bold;">Bad Timing"
    has had its parleys fixed.
  • The quest " style="font-weight: bold;">Civic
    Diplomacy Tutorial: Levers
    " should now be working on Kev
  • The quest " style="font-weight: bold;">Earth Den
    " now has travel journal entries.
  • The quest " style="font-weight: bold;">Engran's
    " now has a travel journal entry.
  •  The quest
    "Horsebane Tick
    " should tell you to return to the proper
    NPC now.
  • The quest " style="font-weight: bold;">Pig Part
    " should now work correctly.
  • The quest " style="font-weight: bold;">The
    Hobgoblin Threat
    " now offers a travel journal entry for
    the Tentree's
  • The quest item " style="font-weight: bold;">Ornate
    Qalian Chain
    " should now fit into diplomacy containers.
  • There have been
    spelling fixes in "The
    " quest.
  • Yoshin Stormvalley
    should now correctly confirm you are giving him "two" wooden grips
    instead of "three" for the quest "More
    Items for Yoshin
  •   style="font-weight: bold;">Soup for
    Veskal: The Main Ingredient - 
    The frogs required
    for this quest have had
    their level increased.
  • style="font-weight: bold;">Dark Roots - Weapon
    rewards for this quest have been upgraded to Rare quality. A Dread
    Knight and Monk/Disciple weapon have been added.


Broker Changes

  • Broker time limit on items added. Initial time will be 14
    changeable by design.

  • All Markets combined into one.

  • Market cap increased to 50 items.

  • Markets will be reset on patch day or when code gets
    patched for
    internal servers.

  • Time left on a market item will be displayed in short time
    format on
    the broker window.

  •  Items that expire will still show up in your
    item list saying
    expired. You will have 7 days to relist the item. After that it will be
    returned through game mail.


  • A number of options have been removed to help simplify and
    the settings interface. The reason for the change was to remove the
    clutter and to remove settings that were not totally functional or
    where the settings could hurt the players performance. Most if not all
    of these settings can still be manually modified in the VGClient.ini
    but we strongly recommend not changing them.

  • It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that players reset their settings
    by clicking
    on the defaults option when they first login and then customize them
    from there.

  • Added a new Character tab to the settings window that
    character related settings.

  • Targets target will now always be on by default

  • Group target symbols will now always be on by default.

  • Hitting cancel will no longer cause your video device to

  • The audio distance slider will now save properly.

  • The setting for Clip Plane now shows in meters instead of

  • Added Offensive Target Windows options.

  •  Fixed numerous incorrect or missing tooltips to
    the windows


  • The patcher will now patch down pre-compiled shaders. The
    client will
    no longer attempt to compile your shaders at start up.


  • Additional memory leak fixes at the DirectX level.

  •  Fixed a significant memory leak from Alt+Tabbing

  • More general memory leak fixes.

  • The majority of objects will now fade in when they become
    instead of popping in.


  • Chat bubbles: When a player switches from 1st person to
    3rd person
    view, their last spoken chat bubble will no longer pop up and display
    even if they said it minutes ago. Chat bubble timing will now start
    when the bubble is created, rather than upon first render of the bubble.

  • Fixed an issue where the min. range on some abilities
    would show
    negative numbers on the tooltip.

  • Fixed an issue where some NPC dialogs would have text in
    them. They
    should now properly show the players name.

  • Fixed an issue where the character sheet was showing the
    wrong tooltip
    for the primary harvesting skill.

  • Unique items can once again be removed from the bank.

  • Tutorial popups no longer popup in the middle of the
    screen. They are
    now displayed as a list of exclamation points.

  • Fixed an issue with the Pickpocket tooltip not displaying.

  • Ships will now properly despawn when you sail into a no
    boat area. This
    is mainly in the Skawlra Rock area.

  • The character sheet no longer has a place for your
    character portrait.
    The inventory slots have been centered in the UI window. You can still
    drop items anywhere on the character sheet and have it auto-equip them.

  • Selling an item to a merchant that is for a quest will now
    update the quest window.

  • The description for Harvesting Packs has been fixed to
    show the correct
    bag type and container size.

  • Fixed an issue at character select where if you deleted
    all of your
    characters, the first slot sometimes would have a phantom character in

  •  Unique Items like the Body Bag created through
    assembly now
    check to see if the player already has that item before finishing the

  • Having multiple stacks of an item will no longer prevent
    that item from
    being assembled or resulting in the wrong item being assembled.

  • Fixed an issue where players were able to get their flying
    mount in an
    un-flyable state.

  • Fixed an issue where players could fall to their deaths
    when crossing a
    chunk line.

  • Player torches now turn off when returning to character

  • Fixed an issue with the required level on ammo cases being

  • When using an ability that takes ammo, it will now always
    come from the
    container before looking in the range slot.

  • Fixed an issue where players would sink into the ground
    when they die
    on a mount.

  • Fixed an issue where a player would no longer levitate
    after crossing a
    chunk line.

  • Fixed an issue with the NPC Frazik not properly completing
    his script.

  • Merchant prices are now displayed on all items without
    going to a

  • Shadow Step: You can now open combat with this ability.

  • Fixed an exploit where you could AE unattackable NPCs.

  • Fixed an issue where casting Necropsy on an already looted
    NPC resulted in a level 1 loot.

  • Ability hotkeys will now automatically be upgraded when
    you train a
    higher level version of the ability.

  • Fixed an issue where hotkeys would not always appear on
    your main bar
    when training a new ability (if there was room).

  • Fix for an issue where training a new ability would
    sometimes replace a
    hotkey that had already been deleted erroneously.

  • Raise the death penalty level to 11.

  • Added "This item cannot be deconstructed" to all items
    that cannot be

  •  There will no longer be a 3 sec delay before a
    corpse with no
    items becomes harvestable.

  • Fixed an issue where when harvesting in a group and
    someone killed an
    NPC, harvesting would end.

  • Players can now toggle "Anonymous" status by typing "/anon"

  • AFK status now properly resets when logging in and out.


  • Character customizations have been re-added.

  • All male characters now have the options of being bald.

  •  Character models can no longer have their
    textures set to
    lowest setting.

  •  Added Head and Body buttons which changes the
    camera angle
    when customizing a character.

  • Fixed an issue where customization settings were not
    properly saving if
    they were set to the far left.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016