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News Years Resolutions for Gamers

By Lady Sirse

Heading to the gym more, losing a few pounds, eating less junk
food, and spending more time with the family, these are all typical responses
when asked what you're New Years Resolutions are. Can any of us really keep
a straight face as we find ourselves reciting these familiar strains? Looking
around the gaming community leads me to think that these recitations are in
need of refreshing…something more along the lines of what gamers really
ought to try for instead of these mainstream answers.

Here are some possible ideas for your New Years resolutions…

1. Resolve to play less and visit with the family more. For the
majority of players this isn't too much of a problem, though a few minutes
of surfing the web will show you that there are many "widow" sites
out there that cry of the neglect gamers can fall into with their families.
Immersion is great but remember folks…it is just a game.

2. Resolve to not play 36 hours straight sleeping then only 5 hours and
doing it all over again
! This really isn't a healthy cycle to get into.
No matter how great a game is, it's much better when one's eyes aren't blurred
with exhaustion.

3. Resolve to admit that the pile of pizza boxes that towers higher than
your monitor is just too high
. Move them to the floor next to the desk,
they might make a nice footstool or perch for your cat.

4. Resolve not to greet your co-works with phrases like "Hail Wanderer!"
and "Pop! The Boss just spawned!"
They just don't understand,
and trust me, the men with the little white jacket are a yellow con, you
might not win.

5. Resolve not to camp Sigil's offices looking for the elusive Brad spawn.
The secret sauce drop is just too rare and it's risky to get a good con
on those security guards.

6. Resolve not to be a back seat game designer. The folks at Sigil
have so far done a great job and just need us all to have a bit of faith
that they know what they are doing. Second guessing them at every turn not
only brings out the forum trolls, but doesn't really do anything constructive.

And finally…

7. Resolve to, as patiently as you can, await the launch
of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
. Take that magical jump into the world of
Telon with thousands of your closest friends and be the first to walk over
the rolling hills, sail the calm and not so calm waters, and find what lies
just over the horizon. All with the excitement that comes from knowing good
things come to those that wait.

All of us at VTTH hope that your New Year will be filled with
much happiness and gaming fun. It is our hope that as each day passes and
brings us closer to the launch of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, this wonderful
community will join together more and more through the Affiliated Fan Sites
and the many other resources available. This is much more than a game we await,
but a world filled with friends new and old. It's been a pleasure getting
to know many of you over the past year and I can only hope to meet many more
as you share your thoughts in our forums and eventually meet you in the game.



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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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