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October 16th, 2008 - By

The target="_blank">Vanguard:
Saga of Heroes trial went live in recent weeks with the
introduction of the href="" target="_blank">Isle
of Dawn.
Shortly before the Isle went live, I
wrote an article in which I talked about how well I thought the
development team had improved the initial experience for players new to
the lands of Telon entitled,  href=""
of Dawn: An Overview. All of this
was, of course, taken from the point of view from a very experienced
MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) player since I've been
involved with these types of games almost 10 years now.

I stand by the words I wrote then, but for a while now, I've wanted to
put those impressions to a test. Unfortunately, all of my friends have
been playing MMOG's nearly as long as I have, with some of them having
played just as long. That left me in a bit of a quandary until I came
up with an idea to also introduce my wife to the genre.

For gamers across the country, perhaps even the world, getting your
spouse or significant other to play the games you love can arguably be
compared to Sir Lancelot's quest for the Holy Grail. Over the course of
the last 10 years, I've made progress, but getting my wife interested
in the MMOG genre has always proven more elusive than an eel greased
with warm butter. Thus was born the article you're reading now, one I
hope to turn into a series as the weeks go by.

target="_blank"> style="border: 0px solid ; width: 188px; height: 200px;"

style="font-style: italic;">Draconnia!

While not a complete novice to all games, this was my wife's first step
into the MMOG arena. She's played (and loved) Sacred, Diablo I
& II, Gauntlet: Dark Legends, and numerous other RPG
(Role-Playing Game) Hack & Slash games. I thought previously
getting into other games and later Vanguard would have been a natural
progression, but so far, I’ve been wrong.

The other week, I finally came up with a plan to satisfy both issues
I'd been trying to resolve. With a request to try out the game to give
me (and my readers) a perspective on the Isle of Dawn experience from a
player new to MMOG's, I had a chance to not only see if my impressions
of the Isle were correct, I may also have found the Holy Grail. Time
will tell.

Over the next few weeks (and possibly longer), I hope to bring you
these articles on a regular basis. I have to admit that the answers
gathered below surprised me. Not that anything about them was actually
strange, but in the fact that I've seen the same theme from other
interviews in the past and never really thought of my wife as a gamer.
It made for some interesting reading on multiple levels, so I hope you
enjoy it.

As a quick note, if anyone else would like to try this experiment with
a spouse, significant other, or friend, just follow these steps:

  • Have them href="" target="_blank">download
    trial on their computer.
  • Let them play for a couple hours with instructions that
    they are only
    to ask you questions if they find themselves stuck and begin getting
    highly frustrated. Remember, this is supposed to be a point of view
    from a new player, not one with a guardian angel hovering over their
  • Leave the room for a couple hours. I'm serious. Use it as
    an excuse to
    play that console game that's been sitting there teasing you with your
    lack of time, get caught up on some reading, television, or any other
    myriad number of things you've been meaning to do.
  • Once they've played for a while, ask them to fill out this
    set of
  • Finally, send a screenshot of their character and the
    questions to me HERE!

Here's a brief
Interview with my wife, completed shortly after her play
session this past Saturday. Enjoy!

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style="font-weight: bold;">Dalmarus: Greetings
Draconnia. After
agreeing to be a
guinea pig for this experiment, was there any
point where you asked, "What have I gotten myself into?"

Haha, no.

character race and
class did you choose to play?

Dark Elf

Can you
tell us why you
made those choices in particular rather than
something else?

I have
played dark elves in the past and also prefer characters who use

What did
you think of the
character creation process?

I liked it
for the most part, but was hoping that at some point in the
future to have more selections, such as hair styles, etc... (For those
of you who don't think that matters, please keep in mind, I am a girl
after all. The more selections, the better!)

What was
your favorite
part about your Vanguard experience this

the different spells, exploring the territory, and getting
more experience in order to increase my levels.

What was
your least
favorite part about your Vanguard experience this

Draconnia: I
had some problems with
getting lost at times. (I am also
directionally challenged in real life too!)

Did you find the game
controls intuitive?


Was there any moment
while you were playing that you stopped and said
to yourself, "Wow. That is/was cool!”?

Yes. I liked the graphics and
the quests.

Was there
any part of the
game you found frustrating? If so, what were
they and why were they frustrating?

I had some
problems with the map. I did not find it to be as detailed
as I wanted it to be. I also had some difficulty finding my quest
locations at times.

Did you
interact with any
other players while you were on?

No. I
don't think I was ready for that my first time playing. I
preferred to be able to do things on my own without the distractions of

Did the
game explain the
different methods of talking with other
players (Say, Region chat, Tells, Group, etc)?

It probably did, but I didn't
try it.

Did you
try any Diplomacy
(the card game)?

No. I
didn't know that was an option.

Did you
try any Crafting
(making items)?

Not yet, but I plan to check
that out the next time I play.

did you find the
experience enjoyable? If so, do you look
forward to playing again?

Yes, I
liked it a lot and plan on playing again next weekend.

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