Aram is a chaotic game. Ten champions get pitted against one another on a narrow bridge with only one objective, fight your way through the enemy team and turrets to destroy the nexus. Sounds straight forward enough, but it's the tight quarters that really throw a wrench into the works and make it impossible for some champions perform well at all. However, for those champions that struggle in Aram there are those that excel at the game type and can completely dominate the match single handedly. While everyone will have a personal preference when it comes to champions, these ten never fail to perform on murder bridge.

Malphite -His high damage, high speed AoE ult is deadly enough when on the big map, scale things down and your odds of catching a grouped up enemy team go through the roof. If you happen to land even one more AoE damage champion on your team you can make every Unstoppable Force an instagibb.

Ziggs - Ziggs was made for Aram. Every single one of his abilities has an area of effect, be it a small one like Bouncing Bomb or a massive high damage one like the Mega Inferno Bomb. Combine that high damage output with the ability to essential set up a minefield that covers a third of the width of the lane and you've got yourself a one yordle Aram wrecking crew.

Nidalee - Quite possibly one of the most infuriating champions to play against in Aram, her spears become a constant annoyance as they chuck you for a third of your health and keep on coming. Her healing ability also gives her and her teammates valuable sustain, which we all know can make or break a gametype where you can't go back to the shop to regen.

Blitzcrank - Getting grabbed by blitz in aram is an automatic death sentence in most cases as the rest of the team is usually right there, ready to pounce. Not only that, his ult has a large area of effect that does a good deal of damage and silences the enemies within its blast radius for a short period of time. Throw blitz into overdrive and you can rundown any would be escapers that have taken off in fear and pull them right back into your teams range.

Sona - Sona is another one of those champions that can take an entire game and put it on her shoulders, not necessarily because of her damage output however (although it is nothing to be snubbed). Sona's strength lies in her powerful heals and auras that, on such a small map, always reach her teammates. Not to be overlooked, her AoE incapacitating ult can catch entire teams in it's swath, leaving them extremely vulnerable to attack.

Lux - One of the champions to have mastered the poke, Luxes ult is a giant laser that makes a large swath of the bridge a kill zone. To complement her laser she has two poke options, one of which can CC multiple baddies caught in it's fire, and the other which does AoE damage. Defensively her shield can be used perfectly on a group of friendlies to soak up a considerable amount of incoming fire.

Amumu - AoE is the name of the game in Aram and Amumu has it in spades. bandage toss into your crowded enemies before laying down your Curse and turning on the tears. Due to it's large area of effect, you should be able to lock at least 3 enemies down in the ult every time.

Kog' Maw - If you don't have massive AoE lasers why not make up for it with superior range. Kogma's Living Artillery can make the enemies existence a real pain, and cause them to shift into more vulnerable positions while they avoid the fire. When you get a little closer, his Caustic Spit and Void Ooze make great pokes that reduce armor and slow the enemy respectively.

Karma - Like Lux she's got a little bit of everything including lot's of poke, a powerful shield, some crowd control, and even AoE. Grab some mana regen items early on to steadily bombard the enemy with Soul/ Inner Flares and then move in close for the snare and killing blow.

HeimerDinger - The man is a specialist at pushing lanes, and this map only has one of them so it's no surprise he excels at Aram. Turrets are a great help and you can use them to both control the flow of minions and enemies with turret walls. For poking, his missile barrage and electro grenade are very effective in both normal and ult mode.

Who's your favorite Aram champion? Let us know in the comments.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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